Submarines: New Test

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Submarines have come a long way since their official announcement in August 2019, with a closed beta test having been conducted, and even special Submarine Battles in Updates 0.9.4–0.9.5.
For the new test, we’ve updated the sonar ping mechanics, added anti-submarine defenses for battleships and heavy cruisers, and made many other improvements. We invite you to participate in the new stage of submarine testing.

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!

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  1. how about anti submarine capital ship planes? like the swordfich test from Warspite

  2. Last time i was this early, WG said they will not add submarines to the game because of balancing reasons

    • @Doug JB uss sealion sunk battleship kongou

    • @kevin juliua
      This was not during a fleet action.

      It was during transit to Kure for repairs of damage suffered during a prior fleet action.

    • I guess their greed has overtaken their mind this time…

    • So many people wanted subs for awhile. Those players more than likely quit playing by now. So it’s good to give them what they want so they return. Wanna bitch about then farming money!? How about they just shut the game down instead? Would that make your f2p ass happier?

    • @Tush Finger They make ENOUGH money.

      So you would rather give a SMALL percentage of the community (that doesnt even support the game anymore) a new mechanic which is called submarine and break the entire game balance with it? People dont want subs FOR SOME GOOD REASON. It is gamebreaking, it is way to hard to balance and the whole game is developed for SURFACE combat. It does NOT fit into the game. Even MORE people will leave the game BECAUSE of it. And these people are supporting the game for years now.

      Get your damn facts straight, read some in the offical forum and come back and bitch about stuff you dont understand.

  3. Lets put some more weight on DDs.

  4. Panzer of the Lake

    ah yes the underwater panzer that probably will just stall games till the last second

    • it would be nice to see the cvs get their own depth charge squad but it would take time to prepare it giving the sub a chance

    • @Panzer of the Lake Ah yes, the class that curbstomps everything else in the game subsequently gets a counter to the new class too, right?

    • Panzer of the Lake

      I was saying this because ap bombs and rockets exist and they talked about damaging subs from 10 m with no mention of how the ap version would work plus I was just fucking joking I clearly was being sarcastic I know cvs suck.

    • @Lurking Carrier CVS are very balanced and require dedicated time and skill to master. Play tier 10 cv or tier 8 cv then tell me if CVS are overpowered. For some ships they have over powered Anti air.

    • @rolan4 dezwinz its not a question about wether they take time to master or not. The problem is that CV’s often ruin the game for all other classes. They ruin it for destroyers by stealing the ability to do spotting damage and by routinely spotting destroyers when the latter are trying to cap a point or sneak around the side of a enemy formation. They ruin it for cruisers because their AP and HE bombs and torpedoes can do significant amounts of damage to said ships. Allonwg with this they can keep a cruiser spotted at a safe distance. Making said cruiser a good target for enemy battleships. Thwy ruin it for battleships because their hard hitting AP bombs and Torpedoes do huge amounts of damage. Along with this, you know how battleships have large turning circles? When a battleship needs to amuver he often will stop shooting to go unspotted and not show his broadside during the turn. But if he is spotted by aircraft he is under danger from enemy long range HE cruisers and AP salvos from enemy battleships. Meanwhile the CV is often inaccesible untill the end of the match. Allong with this they have crazy good damage control so it is hard to set them on fire or flood them.

      I see two solutions to this problem. We need to either make it so that if you are spotted by CV you only appear on the mini-map and nerf the healing and damage control of CV’s.

      There are two solutions i

  5. Everybody gangsta till Wargaming added ‘I-400’ in 2021

  6. BB? Nah. DD? Nah. How about attacking a cruiser? Nah.
    Where’s that God damn carrier player hiding?

    • They should make fighter planes have the option of following a CV’s plane back to spot it, if they decide to run away within fighters range.

    • carriers dont give a shit about subs. either they absolutely murder a sub cause it has a single or 2 bofors at most or they never see them. Subs would make for good carrier hunting. thoses peeps remain stationary for the most part of the battle. easy citadel torps

    • @Knightworld Trust me doesn’t work, tried tests as submarine & Cv. Submarines too slow to catch cv. I had two Submarines chase me, cause they were so slow. Able just pin point on mini map with ease, they never catch up 😂

  7. 2:30-2:40

    Just like in the movie, “Greyhound”!

  8. Oh boy, here we go again

    • Man children crying about subs from the sub-Reddit incoming in 3…2…1…

    • @DaManBearPig i want subs i always want subs and i no kid or child this gamehas been missing a big part by not have them the wars of war where not save for any on an it high timeit is not safe for all here as well i the cry let them they will learn how to fight sub just like the fought every other ship type

    • the main problem is the absence of mechanic which requires subs to surface after given amount of time. This allows them to dive as long as they want and this will be beneficial to run down the clock especially if you’re ahead on points

  9. What exactly is the point of torpedo protection if it can be ignored?

    • @Steelshadow104 6 torps at tier 8 and 10 isn’t much when DD’s are putting 10-15 in the water with similar reload rates.

    • Nickname hier einfügen

      Did you even watch the video? It gets only ignored if the sub hits the same sector twice. And torpedo protection also works against not homing torps.

    • is it that hard to comprehend for you the sub player has to ping the same area twice and and if the player who is getting targeted turns than thats no citadel hit for the sub player that simple.

    • I guess EVERYBODY knows how the ping mechanic works, lol.

      It is still dumb to develop a mechanic that makes an other mechanic obsolete..there was a reason why ships got their TORPEDO PROTECTION…ignoring it is just lazy programming in my opinion. It only shows that WG does not know how to balance this pathetic sub class.. it is a failure by design.

    • They have to ping the SAME spot TWICE to ignore torp protection. It is a lot easier to to avoid this way then it was previously and now you can attack them a lot easier then before as well, and considering how much health they have, it will not take much to kill them.

  10. Somebody call Samaritans. This game is self harming.

  11. Battle of warship Anas

    Why is Fuso always getting hurt.

  12. Great more iron fish I need to evade that is like a homing pigeon

  13. Fuso Pagoda: ah shit! Here I go again

  14. Considering the skills of the average BB-sailor … i have no fear in testing the subs when THIS is what it takes them to counter me 2:44 xD

  15. Huh, I hope the ASW Aircraft are nation-specific. It feels weird watching a Fuso calling PBY-Catalina for ASW support.

    • @flashtirade So which ASW aircraft will be for Germany?

    • @adam truong Again other nations would probably be given whatever flying boats they had. For Germany it’d likely be the BV 222/238.

    • @flashtirade To be honest, I was kind of had smaller aircraft in mind, not the giant beast of aircraft those two were.

    • @adam truong I was just picking fairly known flying boats because they would have the carrying capacity to throw around as many depth charges as they do in-game. Again Japan had ASW autogyros or smaller seaplanes that could be used if WG is going to give different aircraft for different tiers.

    • @flashtirade Nah, those would be far too big. They were both transport aircraft anyway, so Germany would likely get the BV 128. It was a maritime patrol aircraft that carried DCs, so it would work.

  16. Battleships: i have no fear

    But that sound



  17. 2:48
    IJN Fuso calls in catalina…. that’s new.

  18. So the solution to submarines is more planes lol

  19. 4:24 “don’t forget we’re still waiting for your feed-back on the new ship type”

    My feed-back – don’t be stupid.
    You didn’t listen when we said CVs were fubar’d. They’re now worse than ever.
    Subs really aren’t going to improve anything, they’ll only make things worse.

    My premium has expired, CVs were enough to make me not give you more of my wages. Subs have multiplied that by a factor of not-a-chance-in-hell

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