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  1. so are the anti-submarine weapons, visible on many destroyers, going to be a thing?

  2. Well, this looks like it could be either really good or really bad.

    • +Mister Chief Thats the number 1 reason I quit wot after over 3 years. That and the nerfing the piss out of light tanks view range and dispersion.

    • Hopefully it breaks up the radar meta and adds some depth and counter play. However I think subs should be limited in a game. Like 2 per team because games with 5 subs on each side sounds boring as shit. The same way that BBs are soft limited to 5 per team

    • Pretty much. They’re either going to be OPAF to compensate the fact that they’d sucked ass or WG makes them accurate and they’d suck ass.

    • Maybe this will be counter to carriers, so they not sit relax at the back anymore, because subs can sneak attack them ignoring the rest of the team XD

    • Shira Ishikawa
      If that’s the case, it’s a good thing that I never play as CVs—I’m terrible at multitasking. 😛

  3. What side of the mirror am I on?

  4. im excited I just hope this isn’t a prank of some sorts otherwise im gonna be disappointed

    • But WT has terrible graphics and its extremely hyper realistic and poor in the sea gameplay

    • That One WA Guy  umm no, Wows have been doing this kind of thing since closed beta for every april fools and Halloween event to test new things

    • Tankcrafter RingRing

      Last thing I need are MBTs in WoT…

    • Interplanetary Transport System

      It will be on trial on the Halloween event, if it’s good enough they’ll implement it and add more subs

    • It’s their Halloween event for this year. So it is indeed real, at least for PvE for this Halloween. Obviously what’s seen could change though. And depending on how it goes, Submarines could make their way into PvP as a permanent thing. The good, is that they’re at least definitely thinking about it.

  5. OH my God World of warship have submarines

  6. wait so this is not a april fools joke anymore

  7. This is going to be EPIC!!!!

  8. World of Warships Official Channel

    Woo-hooo! Who would have thought? If submarines are possible, then what’s impossible in WoWS?

  9. Well,fantastic and Magestic.

  10. Great now DDs will have something else to do than sitting behind islands spamming HE

  11. Well, this shall be interesting, it could be very good, or a total disaster…

    Also! Don’t forget to add depth charges to Destroyers, without those, ships like BB or CV are screwed.

  12. Finally a chance to use my Arpeggio Submarine Commander, maybe next year… i’m curious 🙂 please Wargaming, put this on Halloween event!!!

  13. They better get the balance right, otherwise battleships are done for.

  14. *Sees the reveal of submarines into the game*

  15. There’s actually gonna be giant sea creatures…..

    Well, i’m installing the game.

  16. You guys are really taking the leap of faith now, changing the whole CV gameplay and adding Submarines will change the game a lot

  17. WHOOOOOOOOOOOO my Dad was a submariner so this is sick

  18. What will periscope & air snorkel depth be ?
    Will we be able to adjust torpedo depth so we can hit other submerged submarines ?
    Will there be sonar ?
    Will cruisers, destroyers and battleships be able to adjust at what depth depth charges will explode ?

    • LincolnTek Sonar is already implemented, it’s just called Hydro-Acoustic Search in game. It’s what you can use to detect torpedoes before it’s too late.

    • TBH i want Sonar Torpedoes

    • And later they used auto depth charges instead of manual one lulz

    • for the time period in game what WG should be doing is the blind depth charge, but have a commanders skill intuition that gives a percentage change increase for depth charge damage. Some ASW commanders were horrible, and just dumped charge after charge, others seemed to have a sixth sense and could drop three and have a kill. Remember with Depth charges it is not about getting a direct hit, but getting close so the concussion would crush the hull of the submarine. Even wide misses would do damage to subs.

  19. WG: there will be no submarines in game.

    NOW: Are you sure about that?

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