Subnautica Below Zero – Drowning Simulator 3.3

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“Subnautica Below Zero – It occasionally manages to rise above the mediocre.” – The Mighty Jingles, 2021.
Yeah, I don’t see Unknown Worlds rushing to proudly put that on their box art anytime soon.


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  1. I’m siding with jingles side here. I get it, trans genders among other things exists, you can love who you want etc, and that a woman can do what any other man can do, but I have two things to say to that. First of all, if you need to point out that you’re becoming a doctor or athlete or some other profession, good on you. But if you’re going to bring up and brag or shove in my face how you doing this is a powerful step for women that you are making, you yourself are pointing out that what you’re doing is outside the norm and that other women aren’t like that, degrading the thing your fighting for. Please, if you’re going to swap genders or whatever you choose to do with your life, fine, more power to you, but please just talk with me like a person, not some “forced down inequal being” or etc. If you’re going to act like it, I don’t have any choice but to acknowledge it and hold you to that. If you want to be equal, let’s just talk, figure out what each others plans had been through the day or swap stories and be like that. I’m sorry if this sounds insensitive but enough is enough if you asked me, I’ve only grown desensitized to it and irritated by it from co-workers and people I know around town.

    • @SimplySimon wouldn’t a trans person want to play as the gender they identify as? Meaning they wouldn’t care about a random character who is trans, but the male or female character they identify as?

    • @SmashStomp Inc Yeah probably. But in my humble opinion it‘s always nice to see one represented in some side characters. Dragon Age did this always very well. Aside from gay, trans and bisexual people there were always interesting characters which didn’t fit today’s „beauty – standards“ also, most of the time female characters aren’t fighting in outfits that could be described as „steel bikinis“. And more often than not it didn’t shove diversity in one‘s face. Well aside from Dorian maybe. 😀
      But Bioware always did story and especially characters pretty well.

    • @SimplySimon I didn’t play Dragon Age, I played D&D, so can’t really comment on anything around that. From what I have seen from Dragon Age as a whole, their representation with characters is amazing.

    • @SimplySimon Don’t get me wrong, i’m not a women hater, but I think there are jobs that women shouldn’t do. Like being a soldier. Look at US army. They had to lower the physical training for women because it was to hard and very few women manage to do it. I wouldn’t want a women soldier on my team having a hard time keeping up with the men in battle

    • @SimplySimon You say this, but then it was completely fine for Iron Bull to fight shirtless in combat? Do you not see the double standard here? The funniest thing about that is it was HIS character that specifically talks about that, when he is wearing canon wise, the least amount of armor with exposed skin.

  2. Themightyinvader

    I still find jingles voice to be so calming even after 10 years…

    • Ya, no over the top reactions to minor things. It’s more of an adventure rather than a cocaine fueled mdma trip through a shopping mall like lots of young youtubers.

    • Themightyinvader

      @john Ruta yeah I joined over ten years ago I remember his 30k face reveal. That’s what my profile picture is. I watched every video he made for probably 5 years. I don’t game or watch as much now but I still like listening to it if I need to sleep.

    • Themightyinvader

      @William Grand nice description. I can totally visualize what you mean, the annoying EDM loud ass intros are just horrible too.

    • Holy smokes. I joined 2012 he had 36k, watched every video ever made.

    • Themightyinvader

      @Victor Yau his 100k sub special was a huge moment for the channel.

  3. “I promise I won’t get political…”
    *After 2 drinks* 2:19

    • Jesus von Nazaret

      Jingles’ contribution to “pride month”

    • @Jesus von Nazaret I don’t see what one has to do with the other.

    • [Content Deleted]

      @Jesus von Nazaret “Pride Month” aka corporations shilling to minorities

    • @Agamemnon I wonder what % revenue increases wizards of the coast will gain pandering to people who are insecure about their sexual choices. Just remember that “Brand” really cares about your identity. It’s totally not about the money it makes them.

  4. Remember kiddies, you don’t make your characters strong by making everyone around them weak…

    • @Meatloaf 57 my response to any of those people is “if it’s sexist to say ‘women can’t do anything’ it is equally sexist to say ‘men can’t do anything.’ *Changing the gender being declared incompetent still makes it sexist.”*

    • Malcolm Seabrook

      @Meatloaf 57 “these women won’t have sex with me because I’m too brave to kow-tow to the vaginocentric shadow government.” Points for originality I guess.

    • @Scott Kenny She actually never says ‘men can’t do anything’ or anything even similar to that. That’s just Jingles reading what he expects into it. The only similar comment Dana makes is, ‘Let’s see stefanos and everyone else complain”. She doesn’t say anyone – regardless of gender – are wrong or incompetent, either, just that Stefanos is cautious. (A caution that we know is quite justified.). She’s overbearing, lies to her crew and leaves half behind to die, and I fail to see how she’s supposed to be portrayed as a ‘better person’ than more or lesss anyone. SHe’s really good at patting herself on the back; most people would dislocate something trying that.

      I do understand that in Navy tradition, being called ‘cautious’ is a bit of an insult.

      THe logs are here if you want to double check:

    • @CallioNyx thanks for the link to what’s actually said. Give me a bit to read through those.

    • A recipe for Mary Sue, everyone hates them.

  5. I’m female and can’t stand the woke BS in Below Zero so it’s not just the male gamers it annoys. I bought the game in early access and really wish I could refund it.

    It’s not that they have diverse characters, hardly anyone would complain about that, it’s turning the fact that the character is [whatever] into a weapon of wokeness that really grinds my gears.

    • no no, I will complain about it because it should a FRIGGIN NON ISSUE. Instead they have to bend backwards to point out how woke they are, I’m not even watch the rest of this series and I didn’t even buy BZ because it has so much wrong with it, and after they fired their sound guy for “homophobic tweets” (Its a joke/meme, get over it) I refused to buy sub-zero.

  6. yeah the “women great, men bad” shit got “old” VERY QUICKLY and because of it i did something i don’t do very often…i got a refund for it.

    • I looked really hard at getting it while it was early access but decided to wait until release. I’m glad I waited because once I heard that it was changed to some woke crap it quickly went off my to buy list

  7. I’m glad your fever hasn’t spoiled your talent for sparking discussions, and pushing buttons. Always love jingles with an edge

  8. Oh by the way! Who misses the Cyclops and totally hates the Seatruck?

    • Wargaming Super Noob


    • Andrew Fremantle

      Me Me Me!

      But I do have to admit the Cyclops would be absolutely terrible in the tiny world of Below Zero. The map is too small and claustrophobic for the Cyclops to work here.

    • @Andrew Fremantle yes, we all agree on the world being too small and maze- like

    • The problem with the Cyclops and Seatruck ( with modules ), is that by the time you need it, your already approaching the end of the game. At best the cyclops become a mobile base and that is it. Below Zero, the SeaTruck is at best a mobile air supply station. In Below Zero, Jingles does not even make a forward base because there is no need for it. This is one of the issues with both games. You only need 3 rooms as a base and your done. The building part at first looks interesting but you quickly realize that its mostly fluff.

    • @Ben Jiro I agree, there’s a lot of fluff in BZ. Like most of the sea truck modules.

  9. I totally agree that the game is lacking a little bit of the spirit of the original. I think in 3 big ways.

    1: Leviathans. They didn’t manage to one up their previous selections. In the original, each of the three hostile leviathans brought something new to the table, and each guarded a different phase of the game. Reapers early, Ghosts prowled the midgame depths, and Sea Dragons roamed the late game. It kept on raising the stakes whenever you went deeper, and each new area left you wondering what comes next.

    While below zero also has three hostile leviathans, one only guards the void (see edit, not true), and one is on land. So we are left with a single Leviathan type for the entire underwater portion (see edit, I missed one). And they are all crammed into various caves. It makes the surface biomes safe (from leviathans)(see edit, not super true). You never have that fear of exploring outwards, and I’ll touch on this more in section 2.

    EDIT: The void leviathans aren’t exclusive to the void, that was a mistake on my part. So the shallows are not completely safe.

    2: Space. Below Zero, in my opinion, has an issue with space and depth. To me, the singular most terrifying thing in the original Subnautica, was when you could watch the ground in front of you slowly descend deeper and deeper, without knowing where it ends. The approaches into the dunes, bulb zone, and blood kelp zone all had that open water terror. When there is nothing above or below you, and you don’t know what creatures lie below you.

    Important in this is that there were midgame biomes and leviathans, that were in the open water. Getting to the higher level biomes wasn’t a matter of descending through a narrow cave, it was a matter of following a slope deeper and deeper beyond your comfort zone. It meant that at any time, you could be directly above a Ghost leviathan lurking in the depths, nothing between you and it, and you wouldn’t know.

    Even when you did go into passageways and caves in the endgame, the entrances were always in large, imposing, relatively open spaces. BZ, BKZ, Deep Grand Reef, and to a lesser extent the BKT were all huge, open, surface biomes, that were formidable and scary. While the exploration was amazing, there is a reason why the Juvenile Ghosts and Sea Dragons are the least scary leviathan encounters for me, and its because I’m not being stalked in open water. Below zero is missing the deep open water environments that I found scary.

    In the original game, the deepest surface biomes were from 500-900 meters. In BZ, the surface biomes barely reach around 500.

    BZ certainly feels much smaller. Like if I were to never leave the shallows/red grass/creepvine/mushroom biomes in the original.

    3: Noise. Everything is so damn loud. We get it, the Reaper’s roars are terrifying. But that’s not because you can hear it for miles, its because you know how lethal and open water predator it is. Its scary because it means there are Reapers about. Applying loud roars to regular old medium sized predators, devalues the terror of hearing a leviathan cry. Note that not even all of the original leviathans were loud. Ghosts were fairly subdued and quiet, with more of a ghostly snarl than a roar. It meant that you had to be on the lookout more. In Below Zero, hearing distant roars no longer scares, I just respond in the same way I do when I hear a sand shark in the original.

    • @MaxFive Yeah. I tried not to count cave depth in my depth comment because in my mind, depth due to caves is kinda cheaper than open water depth, as its a “follow the tunnel” kind of thing.

    • I also wish, even if it was only in your PDA. How and what Happened with AL-AN How and why they created the virus, how it got loose etc…. All the details we wanted to know since the 1st game.

    • Tamren Starshadow

      Good summary. I found the shadow leviathans to be extremely irritating. They are very fast, very aggressive and patrol a wide area. The result being that it’s impossible to get anywhere in the same vicinity without repeated attacks. It’s not like the old ghost leviathans that you can avoid with distance and silent running. Ghosts generally left you alone if you stayed quiet, especially if you were not in a vehicle. Shadow leviathans will constantly get up in your grill like a heat seeking missile and replay the canned eating animation over and over and over again. As long as your repair tool never runs out of battery you are unkillable, but it wastes so much time because you can’t stay outside of a vehicle for more than 30-60 seconds before you get attacked again, and you spend most of that repairing the damage from the previous attack.

    • @Tamren Starshadow And stasis rifle was fun to use and you could then scan them all

    • Gotta agree with the open water fears.

      I’ve been swimming in the middle of the ocean before. 20,000 feet of water, so deep it’s actually kinda purple, not blue. No land in sight. That’s really kinda creepy.

  10. SPOILERS: You need the Spy Pengling to get the cure for the frozen leviathan that doesn’t wake up and solve the mystery of your badly written sisters death.

    • Jingles hasn’t complete Sam’s quest. Poor Sam, died for nothing!

    • I finished the game and was like, what the hell happened to the sister? I’m kinda bummed I prepaid for the game. I don’t usually pre-pay for games, but I made an exception for BZ. This is the last time I do that.

    • @John Yeah, same here. I bought it as soon as it got to early access just because of the original. I actually regret it.

    • @John I nearly made that mistake with TLOU 2. I dodged a massive bullet.

    • Aleksandar Petrović

      @John Well, you should restart the game, and find out what happened to her.

  11. Jingles having watched your Subnautica videos you are not exactly making a great case for male competence.

  12. “Well I’ve put this much time in, might as well see how it ends”. So does this mean we’ll ever see the finished product of Alien: Isolation or The Beast inside?

  13. Master Skilhollow

    I think I’ll give this game a pass. I’m already well-lectured on what a terrible person I am, so if I need to get a Subnautica fix I’ll just play the original Subnautica again. Why pay for an inferior experience full of bad writing and little tension when I can replay a better product I already own?

  14. Hating your crew because of their gender, now that’s good leadership.

  15. “SubNautica Below Zero – It doesn’t suck as bad as it could have.” Jingles, 2021

    • So let me get this straight, They delayed the release of this highly anticipated game (for me anyways) for quite sometime, so they could rewrite the storyline and implement it.
      And they came up with this? Very dissappointing. The storyline is so basic and predictable as well as the playable map being tiny.
      First Impressions were very good, but the more I played it, the more I got bored with the lack of engaging story.
      This also lacked what the original nailed, tapping into peoples fear of open water. “thalassophobia” I think its called. Much of Below Zero was in smallish cave systems, with the exception of the crystals biome.
      It had alot to live up to but sadly it fell short.

    • @justandy333 Agreed. I really enjoyed the first SubNautica, but I won’t be etting this one.

  16. cant remember ever hearing Jingles sound so disinterested and jaded during a playthrough video

  17. It’s really disappointing to hear how they turned the game the way they did. Subnutica went on my top list best games ever played. I played in constant fear after I had reaper leviathan take hold of my sea moth and shake me like a rag doll. So not seeing the brown alert in these video, makes not want play.

    • I loved the original, the humour, the characters, the fear of the unknown. I disliked this one for the confused writing, downright unhelpful PDA (see one or 2 episodes ago) and very short playtime. You can basically do everything in the prawn suit, wich makes you functionally invulnerable to anything and everything, and I stumbled upon it early. I enjoyed this game, but I enjoyed the original way more. maybe pick it up for a fiver, if it’s ever sold for that.

    • My videos & etc.

      B… but you have the photo frame¡¡¡¡

  18. well the prick she-captain actually sounds like a “see whether the woke mob will actually get the joke” to me. but that may be cause i grew up in a socialist country where artists had to cope with ideological censorship… 🙂

  19. Yup, Hard pass, Thnx for taking the hits Jingles.

  20. Saffuilla Karman

    Look oi, Jingles, you WILL be cancelled for complaining about women being “THE BESTEST EVARRRR!!”

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