Subs are boring, frustrating and ANTI-fun | World of warships

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  1. Submarines exist purely for Wargaming to remarket WoWs like they did in 2019 with the CV rework. Remember all those sponsored videos and TV ads during that time? Wargaming wants to cash into the massive release-style marketing MMO’s can do with expansions, I’m convinced that’s the whole reasons subs exist. Purely for marketing interest for the public. (I’m sure there are other reasons but this is most likely one of the largest factors).

    • It really was not that way with CV’s it was much simpler it was a class that almost nobody played and it was completely detached from the rest of the game and they could be much more powerful in the right hands than any CV’s after the rework. What comes to subs WG certainly has tried different ways the subs could operate, but i do not think they just mesh with the base WoWS gameplay loop.

    • No, youre right. Not most…its all of it. Ist obvious by now that marketing people are running the show. The gaming people are spanked to submission or have left.
      They want all the money and they have spend a lot of it on the subs….1000´s of working hours for this…it is nuts.

  2. “boring, frustrating and ANTI-fun” so they will be implemented soon in all gamemodes.

  3. If there was a coop convoy mission or something where you had to work together in a wolf pack or PC team vs PC team convoy game type would be cool, where it’s like capture the flag except see who can stop more of the enemy team’s merchant ships from getting across to their side, type of thing. Greyhound is a cool movie, and i think a game mode like that might be fun for a minute

    • but pls only in this particular subs in others…would have been accurate to…Subs were mostly hunting trade and supply ships

    • Reinhardt Rossouw

      It was indicated that convoys will be a new mode introduced in an upcoming update. Subs need to go, they don’t belong in WoWs, it’s frustrating playing this game now.

  4. From what i played of the testing, all they really need to do is adjust the torpedos. Otherwise YES, subs are pretty boring in the grand scheme of things, DD depth charges are the only real way to kill them (and they will if you land them right on top of the sub, you kinda missed but eh still good damage), if they are at periscope depth you can just shoot them (and they still count as on the surface for some reason so they go full speed). The Battleship depth charge strikes cover such a wide area that they while they will hurt subs, they wont kill them.

    Let it be said though that when subs actually submerge, they are pretty slow, less then 20 knots for the US ones at least, the Germans seem to move faster underwater then on the surface.

    As for the Sub torpedos…..for god sake they have zero excuses for going the same speed as European DD torps while also being able to track, and since subs launch Torps in PAIRS they technically still do the same damage as DD torps. That last minute buff before public testing is where WG fucked up and i FUCKING HOPE they at least tone the dame speed down.

  5. subs are going to be so horrible to play that WG will have to keep them massively over-powered for people to be interested in playing them …. sadly…

  6. It’s sums up pretty well my issue with submarines and if I wanted to play submarines, I would play cold water.

  7. I stopped testing the subs after 2 games ^^ I had enough already

  8. I only found your channel today but this has to be the most accurate assessment of submarines in wows. The sad part is WG won’t care they will just shove subs in and then spend the next couple of years trying to somehow make them not unbearable

  9. Look at just the simple fact that they take potential damage out of the game, Subs have next to no HP and take up a full slot. Its telling that they removed team damage THEN introduced subs.

  10. These class of subs should only have a submerged speed of 4-6 knots at best. Torps that can maneuver like that were not invented until the late 1960s. Even then at first they were not that good. There has only been one sub to sub kill ever. Pretty much for all the reasons given here.

  11. I love submarines but I see no way they can be put into the game in a fair way.

  12. I was so excited when subs were first announced. They were in WWI & WWII, historically, of course, so I wanted to see them included.
    But this … nope, not what I had in mind. And for all the reasons covered.
    WG, you’ve taken a game I enjoyed for over five years and have screwed it up so bad as to make it a mockery of what it once was.
    Yeah, until they have new management at WG, get rid of the “arcade” stupidity, and most of all, publicly apologize to Little White Mouse for treating her with utter contempt and disrespect, I shall never return.

  13. While I completely agree with your assessment, when you see the red outline of the submarine you can shoot it with your guns and generally wreck them in a few salvos.

    Also when subs get released into randoms which seems inevitable even with a cap the game will be a desert of players within a few weeks.

  14. I preferred getting coal instead of submarines in those bundles.

  15. Christopher Short

    Agreed with pretty much everything you’ve said. Played some subs and they are definitely meh-boat at best. I got pretty good with depth charges on cruisers and dds, though the plane strikes from BB’s can be iffy. Overall a bad addition to the game and they definitely should have stuck with “submarines will never be added to WoWs”.

  16. 17:41 “Like, battleships in general exist to be the punching bag of this game”

    2017 Closed beta would like to say, hello, as would the CV intro and reworks. Of course, when BB mains said that, they were immediately shat upon by WG’s CCs. BB’s would say this, specifically, about DDs – WORD FOR FUCKING WORD – and CCs would come off with ‘bbaby’ comments. I know, because I fucking LIVED it. Now, the shoe is sadistically on the other foot.

  17. “boring, frustrating, and ANTI-fun”

    So… Exactly what WG wants? Seriously, it seems like every single change they make anymore is intended solely to kill the game as quickly as possible. It is actually astounding how poorly they are managing the game now.

    Im so glad I quit years ago… Saved myself many nights of teeth grinding frustration.

  18. WG has spent so much time and money on developing the underwater maps they can’t back out of this even if it breaks the game.
    They are committed to burning down their own game.

  19. “Submarines make me angry, goodbye.” I laughed out loud, man what an epic ending, subbed!

  20. I have had fun with the subs. It’s not for everyone though which is fine. It would be better if they did have a convoy game option just like coop or random. The basic problem with both CVs and Subs is that they are strategic weapons but they’ve been put into a tactical game. I think they should still be in the game but they need a different scenario other that open tactical battle.

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