Subs hunting DDs and CitizenS9 is Homiesexual – World of Warships – Best of Twitch 18

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A compilation of the best World of Warships Twitch clips from the fourth week of May 2020.

Time stamps and streamer names coming in the next 12 hours.


  1. That record contract’s never going to happen, is it.

  2. shame flolo baby shark+indie clip got deleted.

  3. the singing guy at the end…..great man! i was laughing about that creativity 😀

  4. nice one! also, very long lul

  5. Michael Søndergaard


  6. Michael Søndergaard

    saw it today on big screem. did not get worse because of that.
    subs, been waiting for them and yet i have still not played a single game in them. hopefully i can pull myself together and get to it.
    man so many streamers and their moments. suprising, lucky and funny moments haha.
    and the torp beats. omg i always love those.

  7. FreetheBrain WoWs

    @Jamdearest xD xD xD

  8. I am so glad it actually translates how loud that is for me aswell 😛

  9. Blood for the Blood God
    Skulls for the Skull Throne
    And nice, long video.

  10. I clipped the first clip in the video!

  11. Sadly the teamkiller didnt get reported before much later :-v

  12. I love how Flamu go away after seeing some weeb shit, I could hear him say “well, engouh Internet for today” 😀
    As always, fantastic work, long live these compilations!

  13. I have laughed my ass of, so one sub for you 😀

  14. Poyraz Karipyan

    Can someone tell me the voiceover’s name from the last clip?

  15. stefanos perivolaris

    Still eating bro

  16. 16:42 Someone please make that flamu noise a voice cover looooooooooooool

  17. 18:00 this is what I was very worried about submarines when they were first announced, glad to see my very first thought be vindicated all this time later…

  18. I kind of feel sorry for Flamu, constantly getting harassed with weeb stuff

  19. I need that Trump captain voice pack

  20. These are Awesome . Thank You guys . and I hope that Yuzal song gets to number 1 lol lol lol

  21. FreetheBrain WoWs

    @Grease Monkey 😀

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