Subs hunting DDs and CitizenS9 is Homiesexual – World of Warships – Best of Twitch 18

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A compilation of the best World of Warships Twitch clips from the fourth of May 2020.

Time stamps and streamer names coming in the next 12 hours.


  1. FreetheBrain WoWs

    I checked my analytics and noticed that around 0.1% of the viewerbase of this channel is female, so from now on, instead of “boys and girls”, I will call you guys “Boys and girl”.
    So boys and girl, I hope you enjoy this video. Like, comment and subscribe if you did please. It helps a lot. 🙂 You can also support me through Patreon:

  2. That record contract’s never going to happen, is it.

  3. shame flolo baby shark+indie clip got deleted.

  4. Freedomator Davis

    Goddammit… I’m going to have to get the war hammer commander…

  5. the singing guy at the end…..great man! i was laughing about that creativity 😀

  6. nice one! also, very long lul

  7. Michael Søndergaard

    saw it today on big screem. did not get worse because of that.
    subs, been waiting for them and yet i have still not played a single game in them. hopefully i can pull myself together and get to it.
    man so many streamers and their moments. suprising, lucky and funny moments haha.
    and the torp beats. omg i always love those.

  8. I am so glad it actually translates how loud that is for me aswell 😛

  9. Blood for the Blood God
    Skulls for the Skull Throne
    And nice, long video.

  10. I clipped the first clip in the video!

  11. Sadly the teamkiller didnt get reported before much later :-v

  12. I love how Flamu go away after seeing some weeb shit, I could hear him say “well, engouh Internet for today” 😀
    As always, fantastic work, long live these compilations!

  13. I have laughed my ass of, so one sub for you 😀

  14. Poyraz Karipyan

    Can someone tell me the voiceover’s name from the last clip?

  15. Ah my sub yolos, good choice 😎🤙

  16. 16:42 Someone please make that flamu noise a voice cover looooooooooooool

  17. 18:00 this is what I was very worried about submarines when they were first announced, glad to see my very first thought be vindicated all this time later…

  18. I kind of feel sorry for Flamu, constantly getting harassed with weeb stuff

  19. I need that Trump captain voice pack

  20. These are Awesome . Thank You guys . and I hope that Yuzal song gets to number 1 lol lol lol

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