Super Crazy And Hectic BRAWL – World of Warships

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St. Vincent is a british tier 10 BB that for some reason I had poor stats with. I did kinda like and enjoy this ship but then I stopped playing it.

This is one of the shortest and crazies matches I played in a while.

Don’t blink or you’ll miss it xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. 0:56 it is scary like hell to see Flambass work in a cat-inefsted environment

  2. That was amazing. Played beautifully

    Shame the game ended when it did

  3. Christopher Game Dev

    3 kills, 31 planes, 158k damage in 7 minutes… Beat that Slava! XD

    • Murdered quite good battleship while being continuously attacked by a cv, a sub, a deep water torping dd, and being forced to brawl a Hipper of all things. Conclusion: CV and subs need a serious buff

    • Κωνσταντίνος Ντόβας

      @Edi J hell no becash that players is sucks to play that ships that why sub die and flampass survive

  4. great match play , one more time : champions vs noobs

  5. That was some great insanity to watch.

    Well played.

  6. Beautifully played.

  7. And thats why I love my St.Vincent

  8. Good show, well played!

  9. When skill, luck & experience come together in full measure! WOW!

  10. What a PLAY! I really enjoyed watching that…!

  11. CatOfSchroedinger

    Enemy team decides: this will be our push side. We will just roll over them with overwhelming power.
    Flambino: hold my beer.

  12. that was madness. that was odd that the cv focused on you that quickly & consistently – my theory is that was someone following your stream & knew that was you . . . so a scumbag, basically – but can’t expect much more from a cv player

  13. It just goes to show that a skilled player can do well in a game with CVs and subs. Good job, well done.

  14. Love watching you play even though I don’t play myself. Thanks for the entertainment.

  15. This fight reminds me of a battle I fought on my buddy’s channel. Just a very fast 6 minute game. Flambass did way better than I did, of course. I just love fast, crazy games like this!

    Here’s that vid, if anyone is interested.

  16. You clearly had fun there. Was it despite everyone on that flank being after your ass or because of it? 😇 Anyway, please send this to Jingles. Would be fun to get the old man’s commentary on this one, I think.

  17. i love the brawls . I sail shifflein and had my highest damage totals.250-289k

  18. the Base XP of the Enemy Team tells a lot about the Player Skill Level i would say

  19. 7:30 there is everything here
    … and yet … flambass *still* survives

  20. Thank you for your positivity. Helps a ton in sad times.

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