Super Montana Is Here! – Maine First Impressions

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0:00 – What is Maine?
5:25 – Game 1
12:29 – Game 2 (2 brothers mid push)
20:51 – Game 3 (best one)
32:00 – Conclusion

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  1. Thanks for your great content PQ!!

  2. lucky I caught this so soon! Looking forward to this ship before watching fingers crossed I stay that way

  3. Press “F” to pay respect to Worcester guy

  4. @level98bearhuntingarmor

    Maine is gorgeous I will not lie, love to see her AA capabilities

  5. @000BlackSoul000AMVs

    lets blame the Maine on Spain!

  6. Lighting my cigs to pay respect to the worchester guy..

  7. Honestly, if this thing got triple gun turrets it would be the most gorgeous ship ever.
    Those sleek decks, the single funnel pyramidal super structure, the low waterline and the classic iowa bow is just utter perfection HAD IT NOT FOR THOSE CUBICAL QUAD TURRETS ARGHHHHHH

    • ugliest american ship after vermont 🙁

    • uhhh, montana?

    • @@5er301 super structure not as triangular and looks like a bunch of uneven towers afar. Maine however has the peak shape for a superstructure.

    • @@5er301 Maine has lengthened Iowa hull not Montana.
      through that makes another ship that’s super version of tier 9 instead of tier 10, just like Novosibirsk is Super Riga hull wise

    • @forge16hanadamaintenancedr43

      @@leemarcus6123 The better secondary model definitely goes to Monty, tho. The boxy mk.16 gun turrets on Monty looks better than the spheric mk.42 gun turrets on Maine. I guess you could argue that the twin mk.16 turret being much larger is a major contributor to the uneven superstructure layout on Montana, but spheric and unmanned design of the mk.42 guns are really out of style for a gun battleship.

  8. Thanks! Made my day here 🙂 Third game especially 😉

  9. Once you have the combat instruction available, it looks like you can use the damage control as soon as you get lit on fire; if you get relit your combat instructions last long enough for your damage control to reload.

  10. Looks like a pretty wild ship, looking forward to more content about it. Think I will pass on the auction and likely grab it for the 50 or so mill when it is released.

  11. She’s the “throw enough crap at the wall and see what sticks” ship

  12. @monkeyseemonkeydo1794

    Day 1 in remembrance of the guy remembering the Worcester guy 😢

  13. @JustSomeGuyWithNoMaidens

    I have a feeling this will be my favorite superbattleship. It’s tanky, but the guns aren’t gimped like Ushakov’s. And it has workable AA, no ridiculously stupid F key that gives laserbeam dispersion. It also must be said that this is a very beautiful ship

    Edit: Should also be noted that Maine’s citadel is protected by some spaced armor and is also fairly well sloped like Kremlin’s, so odds are it won’t take citadels unless very close from bigger guns

    • @b-17gflyingfortress6

      fun fact Kremlin’s slope is 20 degrees like Yamato. What makes her stronger is i think she has a 20mm deck armor just behind the belt, which should be kinda high with certain angles

  14. this ship looks like the love child of a Massachusetts and a Mecklenburg.

  15. Hizen is pronounced “hee-zen”. In Japanese, “i” is always a long vowel, even when combined with other vowels like “ie”, which sounds like “ee-ay”. The long i is usually blended into the other vowel by native speakers, but is technically distinct.

  16. I have been waiting for this video ever since I saw the Maine in the tech tree a week ago I’m so glad it’s finally here to get first impressions.

  17. As what Jingles would say, If you trough enough shit at the wall, something is bound to get stuck 😂

  18. Fun to see this video today as I watch the USS New Jersey, BB62, be towed down the Delaware River to drydock at the old US Navy Yard property in Philadelphia for repairs and upkeep.

  19. God, I just thought of something: in the original ducktales show, one of the Beagle Boys brings an armor suit that can “stop an 84 mm shell”. Scrooge brings in a tank, and “that’s one millimeter too many!” Quite literally, that situation happens all day every day in this game.

  20. Can you try out a few full AA and SECONDARY games to see how they’ll operate at their best?

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