SUPER RECORD!! Yamato 10 Kills & 302k Damage | World of Warships Gameplay

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Yamato 10 Kills & 302k Damage
About the Warship: Japanese Tier X Battleship

-Map: North
-Mode: Temporary battle type
-Player: Rod_Reeds (NA)
-Kills: 10 Ships
-Link to Replay:
-Damage caused: 301779
-Version: 12.4.0

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  1. ป้อมปืน Chanal

    Wow awesome Yamato and perfect killer very nice Meca 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  2. Vicente Eric555

    Yamato black es mi favorito
    Saludos 😊❤

  3. Arnie Rebusquillo

    Hell yeah he finally hit 10 kills again

  4. Can you give me the interface settings like in the video?

  5. Super awesome meca!! Incredible gameplay ❤❤❤

  6. Love how you show different angles of the ship exactly while firing, perfect gameplay. Love the content keep it up 🤟

  7. I love Yamato!! 10 Kills is a world record, thank you!!!

  8. so how does his game look like that with the fov and the colored ui for the ships? also this game looks entirly different ? with the water and the compass on the bottom right and left

  9. RandomTimes RandomThings

    goodness. If he hesitated one more second he would’ve died to that thunderer

  10. Does anyone know what kind of mods shows enemy ship specs (speed, shell velocity, etc.) like on the video? thanks so much

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