Super Sims – World of Warships

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Pretty awesome game in the Sims, we had to carry because the team was behind after the initial encounters. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VII American Sims – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. My favorite ship! Fantastic spammy torps and decent guns with insane maneuverability with amazing AA in CV meta!

  2. I usually rush a battleship in order to get close enough so all my torpedoes hit.

    • Destroyer Inazuma

      A valid strategy. One of my first kills was a Wyoming I rushed in a Phoenix while protecting our aircraft carrier.

  3. The Sims is a great DD. Good match making, solid AA, good smoke and decent guns.

  4. Btw, there are dd that actually become better after aa rework. Surprisingly one of it is mutsuki. U might wanna revisit her after being neutered even further since downtiered

  5. Thank you for this nice battle with your Sims, Notser! Once again a very well – annotated video from you! 8o)

  6. Adam Marcinkowski

    I love games where I need to struggle , when teams are equal good , and you have 18-19 min pure adrenaline , or when you are last man standing against few ships (I never forget my Solo Warrior on Richelieu) , and you with some miracle (with bit of skill ;)) , manage to win , lost game … but sadly that kind of games not come often , mostly is same tactics and came time when win game is just a rutin and worst win is when I feel, I did not contributed , and yet we still won , that is reason I have taken few weeks off the game.

  7. My best dd game was in a Sims. Fun ship with all the cv’s

  8. Sims AA is unreal. I sunk 2 tier VIII CVs one game and they just couldnt touch me. Btw good job Notser keep it coming.

  9. I bet its fun for a CV player to play such a game…

  10. I stick a Mike Sierra on mine and its a 40kt nightmare. Since the CV Meta came along I do a max AA build, every 2nd game I’m raking aircraft out the sky like an old school cleveland. Still i want a Kidd.

  11. Notser, last Week you posted your video of your CV killing Bot Ships spread out over the map. Hitting lone Bot ships at will. You explained that CVs are too powerful and do too much damage. Thanks for showing 2 real videos showing the DDs Super Sims and Benham. These 2 videos are the reality of WOW Game Play. The DDs who are complaining about the CVs being too powerful are simply upset because CVs are the only effective weapon against DDs. In the video of the Benham you destroy 4 Ships and shoot down 41 planes. And look at this video where in your own words, you laugh at enemy planes. It is time to re design the game. DDs need to represent a Flotilla of 3 DDs . The Flotilla Skipper needs to pick which 3 DDs he wants to use, He picks the lead and trailing DD, and depending upon direction of incoming shells, determines which DD takes damage. The entire DD Flotilla has a torpedo allotment, and as DDs are sunk, this amount of Torps is reduced. It should be risky for a DD Flotilla to torp Ships and they should not be invisible Star Wars ships with unlimited torps. Place yourself in the shoes of a Skipper of a BB or CA, in your videos, they are playing an interesting game and along comes Notser in his Star Wars Invisible DD and sinks the fleet. This is not cool or any part of reality. It is May, the Anniversary Month of the Sinking of the Bismarck. The night before the Bismarck sunk, a British Destroyer Flotilla could not get a single torp hit on the Bismarck, at Night, and with the Bismarck having a stuck Rudder. Instead of nerfing CV play, we should be correcting DD play . You are awesome at the Game. You are a great communicator. Please use your skills to improve the game. Thx

  12. Another great match from Notser. Great job!

  13. To be fair you’re in a top tier game with a tier 6 CV, a highly skilled captain, and a 3 man platoon. The sims is mediocre honestly, pros are smoke and AA when not against skilled T8 CVs.

  14. notser you are jingles ? that friendly stucked colorado(6.45) is nelson XD …..but its slow like you said

  15. Generic Citizen

    Ha I play the Sims yesterday I get double tier 8 CV’s. Nice to see a good match up in this vid really shows the AA power.

  16. I recently had 60 T8 plane kills in the SIMS in one good game. The ship is such fun these days.

  17. This thing has made such a come-back because of the AA. Glad I have one. Been playing it a lot lately!

  18. The underrated Sims, thx for sharing, Notser!

  19. Great game in every area! It’s fantastic to see you really put some thought into your torpedoes as well.

  20. Тимми Барч

    I bought Sims after this vide and I am in love :3 Thanks Notser!

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