Super Sneaky Ninja! Doing What is Necessary! (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X) 4k

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#WoWsLegends #Shimakaze #SE43


  1. Yo spartan

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE WOOOOOOOOO(where is my khaba game spartan)

  3. Cool Spartan and the Shimakaze,I’m going to enjoy this because i know i will never be able to play a destroyer.
    Also i know its past already but Happy New Years everyone.

  4. Oh my, a good New Years gift from Spartan

  5. Happy New Year to you all!!

  6. happy new year Spartan!! 2021=100k subs!!

  7. Starting 2021 with a shimakaze video , gotta love that

  8. 2:18 that made me experience pain on a whole new level

  9. Me: hops in Iowa just for fun.
    Game: enemy destroyer spotted.
    Me: looks to see what it is, Simakaze at 4.5 km.
    Also me: and that’s when Nathan realized he f***ed up.

  10. Happy New Year SPARTAN !!

  11. I love the Shima vids, keep em coming Spartan, btw Happy New Year everybody

  12. Yes! Finally Yamato cittadelled 2020 and helped her team (us) out.

  13. Preach it man. Love that you’re behind the idea of go for the win first, damage is just a sidequest

  14. Samuel Mitchell aka SaturnSam775

    Happy New Year everyone. Alright back to trying to get Nurnberg in Azur Lane

  15. Never understand why teammates wont engage. Even if you get killed what are you losing? And you stand to gain so much more. Frustrating.

  16. And so the linear path of time continues with the new year such is life and death. I farted and stubbed my toe on my desk

  17. Lol… I saw a torpedo spread the other day to which I said…. that looks like a shimi as it them proceeded to hit three ships ahead of me!

  18. It is Nasty

  19. Well basically any Japanese DD

  20. @Spartan Elite43 my kind of ship

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