Super Speshul World of Warships Funny Moments, Fails & Great Plays Compilation

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We bring you a super speshul episode of very funny WoWS moments, with some really great plays, some questionable plays, fails and funny stuff.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

I do not own any of the songs being played.
Song at the outro: TheFatRat – Jackpot (Jackpot EP Track 1)


  1. I haven’t slept yet and it’s 10 am but i spent the better part of an hour at 7 am watching your speshul compilations from a year ago and now I see this…. truly a blessing. God bless you flambino

  2. I really like these videos and appreciate your effort to create them 🙂 Video editing is pretty time consuming.


  4. You have the gift to make me smile in my struggle with depression. Thank you Flambass

  5. Would bei nice if you show the meme pictures and writings a little bit longer.

  6. 14:25 “Don’t do that”. Captain Klenzendorf JoJo Rabbit.

  7. 6:27 i completely lost it, i have never laughed that hard for a hot minute hahahahaha xD

  8. 5:40
    Next logical step is EMP to disable sonar, radar, planes, and everything else electronically controlled.
    Coal power baby!

    Also, my waifu captains are offended.

  9. 8:20 dispersion.. thats me every single shot with the bismarck.

  10. Enjoy the edited highlights (and lowlights!). The cut shots, particularly those with written comments/graphics, are a tiny bit too fast perhaps? Often can’t tell what they are or what they say.

  11. 6:35 Has Flambass lost hair where the headphones usually sit?

  12. 1:42
    -What are you doing, my son? (Yugumo)
    -Succeeding you, father! (Shima)

  13. Really love the beginning soundtrack. And you did a great job at this one, it is extremely funny and well cut together. The clips themselves are especially good this time. If I could hit like twice I would.

  14. 8:57 Have to agree with chat here, although I’m sure you already heard that. There’s a 4 on the left that has 2 mines above it, 1 mine to the right of it and 4 spaces left for the last mine. This means that there’s a 25% chance for each of those spaces. Same with that 2 on the right side of that big open block on the left, the one with 3 non-discovered spaces below it. That one also has 1 confirmed mine and 4 spaces left for the last mine, so it’s also a 75-25 and not a 50-50. Last one is that 3 exactly 3 blocks above the 2, which has 2 confirmed mines and 3 empty spaces, making it a 66-33 in favor of the player. Everything else is either 50/50 or worse.

  15. 9:04 he could have made a move without guessing and be completely right. Look at the 3 and the 4 in the upper right corner. The 3 has 2 more unknown bombs, the 4 has one more unknown bomb, and the 2 has one more unknown bomb. There r only 3 possible places to put the 2 unknown bombs to satisfy the 3. However, one option is not possible since it would cause the 2 to have too many bombs next to it. Therefore, out of the 2 possible places to put the remaining bombs for the 3, a bomb will have to be directly below the 4. Then, that means the 4 is satisfied and the puzzle can continue.

  16. christopher bavent

    5:00 when your turrets go speshul

  17. Love your vids man, please keep em coming. I hope to catch one of your streams one of these days but life sucks. Hope you are staying safe.

  18. 2:16 never do that, EVER, AGAIN 🙂 I almost died 🙂

  19. Flambass asks chat how to outplay an Odin in a Monarch.

    Me: not like that.

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