super SUPER Yamato – Damage RECORD – World of Warships

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Viel Spaß beim probiern

Danke ! Thank You =)


  1. John Francis Castillo Atienza

    GG Japanese Superbattleship Satsuma (4 enemies ship sunk and +725000 DMG).
    This battleship is fantastic.
    I like Battleships and Battlecruisers of WOWS!

  2. Ah yes. Everything overmatching super ships in arms race…

  3. Could someone explain what the “F” ability does?

  4. 5:51 I can literally hear the Satsuma’s rage at this moment echoing through time and space

  5. This guy: 16 shots, 100k dmg
    Meanwhile, in my Montana: 60 shots, 60k damage
    F U WG

  6. 10:31 can we take a minute just to appreciate how that Halland div bro took that Tashkent pretty much by himself being already low on hp?

  7. 5:40 pure hate and anger…

  8. a good battle

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