SUPER YAMATO | 510mm Cannons (World Of Warships)

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  1. 🚢Start sailing today!🚢 Click this link –
    and use “BOOM” to receive
    – 200 doubloons
    – 2 Ships | St. Louis & Emden
    – 20 Restless Fire Camos
    – 2.5 Million Credit
    – 7 Days of Premium
    ( ONLY OF NEW PLAYERS) HAVE good Sunday fellas!!

  2. Attempt #7

    Can we get a vid on the KA-29? there aren’t really any vids on it on YT. That being said I would like to challenge you to use it. 1 round with only Cannons and then after that with any weapon loadout of your choosing. I feel like that would be Phun to see.

    Love you Phly!

  3. I was Immediately disappointed that u didn’t use the old WoWs intro.

  4. I thought that War Thunder actually released the Yamato.

  5. I wish War Thunder did more work to improve their naval battle aspects

    • Алексей Сафронов

      james bryant lol, WT naval is just gun boats swimming in puddles, so much fun. When in comes to naval battles WoWs just doesn’t have competition, not even close.

    • @SAINT_ALUCARD WarThunder Actually. War thunder has battleships and aircraft carriers in the game files.

    • SAINT_ALUCARD WarThunder

      @Katyusha they even have Yamato. But those are just decorations.

    • @Katyusha isnt even playable in the first place… the problem with adding bigger capital ship is how the br should be ? If its expanding through the mid-high br for sake of firepower-armour, that would be ridiculous if u place a bismarck at 8.0 and facing an FJ or something in that place… and how will be the map size, it wont be the usual small dumb map that u played in naval rb right ? Must be the EC level size of map… and mentioning EC, they would need longer battle time since its gonna be slow paced af…

    • @james bryant I think the word that fits better maybe ‘behave much realistic’… but still not as playable as wows… I mean, there are no such a thing like tactical play in there, everyone just run and gun brainlessly, the balance is dumb, historical isnt there (u know it well, PG02 and those 50s boats), torpedoes is just like a joke…..
      But thats all in Naval RB, its different story when we talked about Naval EC, probably one of the greatest mode in terms of realistic gameplay here, fits perfectly by the game duration, the map range, all wwii ships, its all fun and engaging….. but u see, when did gayjin put ec in the live server last time ? They should’ve add it permanently rather than standing as LTM…

  6. Phly: plays World of Warships

    War Thunder subscribers : *you were meant to destroy the sith not join them*

    • The thing about war gaming, is: the player base is toxic af, rng is quite shit, the fact that it’s based off of health bars instead of critical hits and crew. world of warships is ok for what it is, but world of tanks, holy hell, that’s terrible, fake vehicles, pay to win, toxic players, etc.

    • @Shiny Kitty Well, WoT and WT are serious competitors for the “worst gaming community” title. WoWs is different to be honest, low-mid tier gameplay is actually fairly nice, and 95% of people are helpful/polite. Tier 8+ I think about 80% of the players are nice, but that 20% is a very loud minority sadly.

    • @BadUploadScheduleツ As a player who stopped playing around early 2018 and who came back about a month ago, I’d say russian DDs are fine, BBs seem to be pretty week opponents (at mid-tier at least), but the damn stealth radar cruiser bullshit is just plain OPness. Burn those shit, please

    • In all fairness he played WOWS before war thunder

    • Gabriel Bertolini Wissenbach

      its just naval battles, not even gaijin cares about them anymore

  7. Attempt #1

    Stream hoi4 when the new dlc comes out

  8. the effects when firing the gun is astonishing

  9. Where’s the old Bismarck intro. We need it

  10. What to do if bored

  11. Yama-toe, Llama-toe, Camel-toe. It’s a Freudian progression.

  12. Everyone: Yamato
    Shikishima’s 51cm guns: am I a joke to you

  13. The pain of watching him have the biggest guns in the world and using AP on everything including destroyers and cruiser lmao

  14. Phly: dc’s a single fire
    the entire community: *screams*

  15. I enjoy War Thunder more than World of Tanks, but when it comes to ships there’s no debate

    • Currently same. At the beginning of the year I played so much clan wars that I don’t want to play it anymore. Kinda miss the clan and not because I don’t enjoy playing it rn. But the steel hunter mode (Battle royale) is cool af.

    • indeed there is no debate, no naval game has so far surpassed the skill based progression of Navyfield

    • @Hutima Only real OGs know what Navyfield is lol. I’ll never forget grinding to my Revenge, waiting upwards of 30 mins for a match lol. Last ship I got was the Alsace right after it came out. But my favorite thing was melting planes with my Graf Zep.

    • What are you talking about?
      -Don’t you like burning to death because you don’t have FPE on a machine surrounded by water?
      -Or what about the broken premium/ event vehicules that will vaporise you in a second at low tier?
      -How about the ridiculous grind for the high tier ship
      -Oh also let’s not forget the probable futur of supersonic missiles blowing your WW2 heavy cruiser/battlecruiser/battleship considering there is already a ship with guided missiles at mid tier.
      Warthunder Naval forces is where the fun at!

  16. I’m just imagining a 200 foot tall comical periscope coming up from the ship for you to be able to see over ocean islands and cliffs.

  17. Literally nobody:
    Phly: That’s therapeutic

  18. Steve: Plays World of Warships

    War Thunder community: *DON’T DO THAT ITS UNHOLY*

  19. How dare you play a game that is actually fun. Please return and stick too “almost fun” content

  20. Phly: not playing with alt interface on


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