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  1. God love the sound of the mains firing

  2. Those main guns sound is an eargasm

  3. The moment when the main guns fired…… the roar…… holy moly……

  4. 5:16 not bad, son

  5. I love the cannon sound. Especially the thunderous effect of the firing (And btw, is the sound lil bit familiar like the one in Battlestation Pacific??)

  6. 9:04 japanese Super Yamato battleship giving artillery support to ground forces, somewhere in the pacific

  7. There is still something very wrong with the dispersion of this ship, look at 8:06 for example. As cool as this ship is, it did nothing this game that Yamato couldn’t have done better,

    • Yea, because yami has 9 guns instead of 6 and that was yami’s stock dispersion, also he focused on secondary build

  8. Paundra Zulfikar

    Dayum, now this gun sound are my favourite after yamato

  9. That Gearing, useless…

  10. Christopher Miles

    Sounds like the fist of God in a word Wow

  11. I wanna get it just for the sound now.

  12. Lightningshattr

    1:13 <3 turn on dat bass!

  13. Remember when they said they would never put 20-inch guns in the game I remember

  14. xAgentOfChaos_87

    Main guns sound epic as.
    That shot @5:18 was “like a glove”

  15. Imagine if they make it to where the guns muffle every sound effect (and for anyone near you) for like maybe 0.5 seconds when shooting.

  16. I dont think this ship is strong enough to represent though

  17. Unlike the Soviet Union, Japanese battleships have a long history.
    The WG should pay homage to the ship if it uses the improved version of Yamato, which has the largest gun in history.
    This can be said for other countries
    I’m tired of seeing the scene of bullying a historical ship with a Soviet delusional ship of WG

  18. HIROTO TAKAMOTO: When they fired the guns they would sound a bugle. When you heard that, you would have to take cover and go like this. You could get thrown two to three meters if you stood still.( his eyes tears )
    PBS Airdate: October 4, 2005

  19. Super-Yamato class Battleship vs H-44 class Battleship, this would be epic

  20. If War Gaming’s other departments could catch up to the art and sound design department.

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