SUPERSHIP Annapolis 7 Kills & 351k Damage | World of Warships Gameplay

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SUPERSHIP Annapolis 7 Kills & 351k Damage
✅ Link to Replay: ✅
About the Warship: American Tier XI Super Cruiser

Map: North
Mode: Random Battle
Player: danny_s1nker (EU)
Kills: 7 Ships
Players of my team: danny_s1nker, Capt_Dizzorder, Mwnci, lordk19, ajosse10, Asena1991, HOSO_2016, XZYTOCH, pete_nda, StriX_419, jackcireco, CFC319
Players of the enemy team: Paikowka, Schurkenbabys, theo3399, GreekGodOgeyGreekGod, EmirScrewerer, SWATI79, dillus1337, Noels_House_Party, cr1ne, Icedestroyer_marksman, vaibuscala29, Fairway10
Damage caused: 351271
Version: 0.11.7
Achievements earned: First Blood, Confederate, High Caliber, Kraken Unleashed!

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