Superships Are A Bit Too Much

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  1. the superships without the gimmicks would be amazing, but the gimmicks just make them obnoxious

    • id be happy of my Peuto Rico had the same Rof, Rudder shift time, and range as the Alaska..

      I can keep and deal with all the other down sides of worse turning circle, way worse acceleration and top speed, WAY worse cammo rating, worse gun dispersion. Cuz all those make sense for what it is.
      i can deal with ALL of that,
      IF ONLY the Rudder shift, gun range and rof were the same as the alaska.. same guns and ship mind you.. but nope gotta cuck it into the ground and make it shit.

    • @TheAngriestGamer you flipped a coin on one of the most blatant and obvious scams WG has ever released. Take your prize and move on

  2. I think they destroyed every aspect of this game beyond repair. Even if they don’t agree with our complaints with regards to CV’s, wouldn’t it be nice if they just changed it up for a few patches. Its no longer a chill game its hyper frustrating.

  3. I just picked up the Satsuma yesterday and while I really like it, I don’t think its going to get much use, partially because nobody I shoot at ever seems to make mistakes or gets distracted so every point of damage requires so much work comparatively, especially when the guns have so much pen.
    honestly I don’t think they would be that bad if they were the only big ticket oddity in Warships. As a former CBT guy, the game is not what it used to be, and it seems like all the happiness is gone from the playerbase playing it.

    • @Paddington I was just reminiscing with some other buddies who I’ve played ships with before, I’m the only one left that still plays occasionally, but they all said something along the lines of “it doesn’t make me happy anymore” and that’s shocking to hear, even if you were thinking similarly.

    • @Stephan Makintaya I mean yeah they are a credit sink, but at the same time for how powerful they are a good player will likely at least break even most times, and it’s even easier if you’re running a premium account

    • Stephan Makintaya

      @TacticalOni Yeah, that’s just it…. first you would have a be a pretty good player to maximize her potential… but on top of that… you would have to be able to perform at that level consistently. And yeah… I get the attraction…. I played Satsuma a few times, and the power is addicting…. but I’m not good enough to think that I will consistently get 200k games.

    • @Stephan Makintaya I dont really mind them as credit sink after the initial purchase cost. I always make profit with Satsuma

    • Also got myself a Satsuma, nice ship but I don’t really enjoy these Wonky Japanese Guns.
      I just hit more consistent with my JB

  4. US AP works well at range (as long you can lead and hit stuff), due to it’s arc combined with improved pen angles allowing it to pen deck armor.
    instead of relying on high vertical penetration like Russian Cruiser’s.

  5. I would love to see a 1 year freeze on new ships, lines, and gimmicks to focus on balancing what is already in the game. Actually balance AA, maybe.

  6. Clan battles this season in the higher levels comes down to which team has better the conde players. They are just too broken and too influential. You are at a huge disadvantage by not bringing 2 of them. Everyone in our clan cannot believe they have not been banned yet, its just like the petro when it came out.

    • They won’t ban it because of it’s very high credit price tag and credits just so happen to be purchasable in the premium shop. They create the problem and sell the solution.

  7. With the change that they did to the economy, it will make the games even more passive. Players will be encouraged to play super conservative in orden to not lose credits in a battle

  8. I don’t think it’s a valid argument to say that development effort spent on superships would realistically be directed instead towards something like map or game mode development. The sad truth is that new maps or game modes don’t generate income, and superships open the door for further monetization and grind possibilities for WG.

    • True that kind of development wouldn’t directly generate more income. It is just something I wish would get more attention from the devs.

  9. Captain WorstPirateIveHeardOf

    In Randoms, they’re not invisible as everyone believes they are:
    -you get focused fire
    -they still have weakness
    But, you make a mistake and they punish you. No different than a t10 smacking a T8 in a mistake

  10. Imagine a map where the east end west sides were totally different elevations and you’d have to use channel locks to move from one to the other. Sometimes this promise to stay as realistic as possible can be a detriment. This is especially noticeable in war thunder where nearly unanimously the most favorite map for aircraft can’t be played because it features floating islands so it’s only available in custom games so most players don’t even know it exists.

  11. I would really appreciate they remove the special firing mode from the super ships. Maybe give Hannover a longer secondary range, and that is it. The HP and firepower increase is more than enough to make them tier 11.

  12. Lets be honest the superships main aim is to drain folks of credits. They are expensive to run, so if they were intentionally meant to create another level of difficulty or ‘challenge’, then they would somehow reduce the cost to run them. Not interested in any of them, specifically for the reasons related to intentional resource draining. The economy is now WG friendly.

  13. recently had a match where a full hp buffalo next to me angled just a bit too little, instantly erased by 30 annapolis shells. the powerful radar and gun dpm would have been enough, the salvo mode is just overkill in my opinion.

  14. I think a tuned down Conde could have worked well as a T10 coal ship.

  15. I’m in full agreement with you. Superships are fine as a “Tier 11”, and most of them are really good even without a gimmick. Some of the gimmicks are even fine, the Hannover and Satsuma take time to charge up and require some level of skill to make use of. *ALL* of the “rapid fire” gimmicks are OP as hell and not fun to play against and need to go. Between getting deleted by rapid fire attacks and bulls**** that is currently subs, the break I’m taking from WoWs is getting longer and longer.

    If the game is no longer to fun to play because I get deleted by basically unavoidable rapid fire attacks or am deleted by an unkillable, undetectable sub….why am I going to continue playing? That’s the message that Wargaming needs to hear.

  16. Lick Kitty Split

    I’d would really like to see the Convoy in lower tiers. Perhaps tier 6 and 7.

  17. As someone whose primary way of playing is Clan Battles, 2x Conde is a nearly every game experience.

  18. The one design choice for the satsuma secondary gun stats I questioned when it was part of the super ships game mode was that its 100mm secondary’s have double the reload time of 7 seconds compared other ships with the same guns. Akizuki to Harugamo, Kii to Shikishima, and even Japanese t10 carrier, have a 3 second reload base. the 8 inch secondary’s reload time on Satsuma is justified, but why the 100mm secondary’s taking more time to reload then other Japanese battleships with heavier 127mm guns with 4.1 / 5.1 seconds. wargaming is losing consistency nowadays apparently, even when they made hizen out of place game-play wise with its poor deck armor for a tier 9 ship with only 3 base standard repair party’s, and infuriating guns that even a Izumo would keep at gun range length away from its turrets.

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