Superships Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Fight Tier 9’s

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  1. Recently I feel like half my tier 9 games are 3 tier 9 ships, 2/3 superships and fill the rest with tier 10. Tier 9 used to be such a fun tier and now half the games are miserable to play.

    • Same took out my ZF-6 a few Days ago out for a spin, United States comes in and smacks me for 15k from the get go. Its just stupid, since trying to dodge most of the times ends up with you getting dumpstered on anyways because of turn on a dime Dive Bombers….

    • @PlaceholderGER The super carriers are by far the worst offenders. The time it takes them to get attack runs in is disgusting. An eagle was able to Dive bomb me, recall his planes and have torpedo planes within 5km before I was able to turn my rudder fully in my Montana.

    • I feel it’s for a reason. T9 premiums earn the most credits. Wargaming doesn’t want you to get credits without paying for them.

  2. Tier 9 is the new tier 8. Just shows how bad double uptier really is. There’s no reason for this level of imbalance in games besides the dwindling player counts

    • @gram40 I’ve come back since subs have been introduced mainly since subs are some of my favorite naval vessels. Plus getting a depth charge kill with a destroyer is super satisfying.

    • @Francisco Barquín
      High sigma but when you have bad overall dispersion it means nothing.

      Conde has layered armor, Henri has spaced one, so Conde definitely has it worse.
      Annapolis has great citadel protection sure but she’s much larger, clumsier and therefore a lot easier to hit.
      Edgar doesn’t have space armor at the center, combine with her poor turret angle, she either get dev struck or has very little firepower upgrade over Mino.

    • @Francisco Barquín if you have no problem fighting kiting Hindenburg/Henri/Mino in your tier 8 BBs, you should have an easier time fighting Conde/Clausewitz/Edgar with tier 9 ones.

    • The irony is that one of the (probably) big reasons the player counts are dwindling, is because of the two-tier spread matchmaking

    • 名誉Emp the Sane Maniac名誉

      Let’s be honest here.
      Tier VI to Tier VIII was almost unplayable before, besides some ships being excluded because they did pretty well when uptiered. Tier IX and Tier X were pretty much the comfortable savespots to have consitent games in.

      Now with Superships being around, Tier IX is basically Tier VII overall again. These ships have to face things they are simply not designed to fight. We already saw what double uptier can cause in for example forceing a Colorado or Nagato (VII) to fight a Georgia or P. Rupprecht (IX). The same now repeates for any Tier IX BB fighting a Satsuma or Ushakov. Same applies to every other class of course. Just look at a Buffalo or Roon (IX) having to fight an Annapolis or Conde. [Spoiler: There is no fight to watch, just one of them getting deleted and we all know which one.]

      Even most Tier X feel helpless when matched into these 5 Superships per team matches, especially cruisers, which just get deleted even when angled propperly cause Super BBs and CVs exist. This often comes down the lack of DPM, range or armor in comparison to Superships, but these stupid gimmicks they got only enhance this gap further.

  3. T9 is a dead tier until War Gambling changes the matchmaking. In addition to super ships they also have to fight against overpowered t10 carriers and submarines plus crazed HE spam. It’s just not worth the aggravation.

  4. Just had a battle in my Seattle, the other team had a Satsuma, Edgar, and double Yamagiri. It was not fun and my team won! It felt very passive with few wanting to risk it. With my limited ish range in Seattle practically nobody was in range for me to shoot, very frustrating. This many superships vs tier 9 is really ruining the game.

    • @Stryker K That is also very true, the turret angles are so painful! Going from Cleveland to Seattle is torture

    • @Michael Wilde here’s my question is whats your reason for going after Worcester? I don’t mean to discourage you but that thing is power crept to hell compared to other tier 10 cruisers. I hardly touch mine anymore as the shell arcs are too floaty, the AA isn’t a threat to cv’s anymore and the armor doesn’t hold up to much. Ide recommend nevsky or minotaur if you want a tech tree CL.

    • @Stryker K I guess complete the USN lines I’ve started, I’ve got gearing and DM, want to get the Wooster now. Thinking about either Daring or Haru next

    • @Stryker K you must be joking Worcester is still an incredibly easy and effective ship to play against virtually any opponent. He dpm and dot damage is great ap is solid conceal is really good it’s one of if not the best aa cruiser and it has tons of team utility.

    • @Mick Lane it’s still power crept just because you like it dosent mean there is better options especially in the current meta where everyone is stand off ish and light cruisers get deleted if a bb sneezes on them.

  5. SuperShips vs T9 are basically Musashi vs T7s

  6. There may come a time when tier 11, steel ships, and tier 10 face-off, and nothing below that. As for the nerf you suggest you pay for it upfront and in repair charges.

  7. Moon Cricket Stinks

    As a t8 main I sympathize a little bit for t9. But t8 was always the punching bag for t9 and 10. Double uptier was always a stupid idea and pc wows is only one that does that.

  8. If the superships had stayed in their original format – the rare exception of massive firepower at the expense of lots of credits in a wider team – then it might be ok. However, I had one match this week as a T9 in which the teams consisted of 4 superships, 5 T10s and 3 T9s. These ships are too powerful to be just another tier in game like that. If they want to make it interesting then put a cap on the number but let the superships be asymmetrical and just dished out by place in the queue.

    • You talk about something that is pissing me off, the 3 T-9s you talk about, it can be any Tier but for this we will talk about T-8, it is always 3 of the lowest tier, so 3 T-8, half of the rest T-9 and the other half T-10. How shit is it to be the one playing the T-8, there is no fun to be had there, you run into the ship line you are grinding, but because this game is shit the guy you are having to fight has your ship but more hp, firepower……etc because he is 2 tiers higher than you.

  9. I’d say they should remove the special gimmick and in return make the ship Slightly more consistent

  10. I remember when I first unlocked Gneisenau and I was very new to the game and kept running into Musashis every other game. I literally can’t do anything to them. The torps barely tickle them, the guns do zero damage even if they hit. And it is pretty much the same here with T9s and Super Ships.

    • Jonathan Baron-Crangle

      Load HE, kite & burn. With speed flag, you get 33 knots on Gneis (plus the German 1/4 penetration)
      Just because it’s a brawler, you don’t HAVE to be brawling if it isn’t working. Think outside the square.
      As you’re kiting & burning, maybe you’re heading towards a red BB/CL/CA knowing you CAN brawl them, or to a red cap.

  11. Double Uptier is just terrible. It’s a morale killer in any match. Perhaps WG should think about why it is that they need to double uptier, and work on developing their player base in order to ensure that there are enough players at every tier so that those who do play aren’t being pitted against ships they can’t reasonably be expect to prevail against.

  12. T9 into T11 is like bringing a knife to a gunfight

  13. They shouldn’t even be allowed to fight T10s, they should be in their own matchmaking pool all by themselves. They can easily remove the financial penalty if they do that.

  14. I had a game with Jean Bart the enemy CV (Eagle) the other day, a player who was 73% WR, on the CV 2800 PR and an average damage of 168k – 2 x flown at and I was gone – this game is far from balanced… why do CCs have no influence on such issues? Honestly – no idea why you became CC. I saw your post on this – your reasoning didn’t convince me….

  15. Last weekend I saw way less players on server than couple of moths ago, so +-1 matchmaker is even less likely. WG needs cross server play for lower tiers to populate games with humans instead of bots.

  16. Agreed, its so frustrating grinding a tier 9 now due to superships.

  17. Have recently got her but noone really seems willing to approach me… Tier XI matches turn into boring snipe fiestas. Tier IX matchmaking has become really harsh, as you stated.

  18. Satsuma is brutal. Had a game yesterday…7 kills…344k damage. Nutz!

  19. I agree even though I only got one, fighting weaker ships is not fun, I like it when everyone is in the same tier at least.

  20. I had a match on my Seijong (probably spelled it wrong)tier 9 pan asian cruiser last week and there was a total of 14 superships in the game. That was the sign I needed not to play for the rest of the day.

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