Supporter Spotlight // Aoba / “As Not Written By Henry VIII”

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For those who’ve not heard of it:

(Also, “Aoba” apparently means “green leaves”, so you can see where my brain went after that…)


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. Jedi, the Aoba reloads in 10.5 seconds, that’s the best 8″ reload of the entire IJN line.

    It’s also a pretty good cruiser all around. She has the IJN CA accuracy, you can hold your own in T8 matches if you can avoid getting blapped.

  2. talking about chunking cruisers, that poor Boise at the beginning

  3. Also my IJN 203 AP loves seeing T5 cruisers, nom nom Omahas

  4. It’s no Makarov, but I guess it’ll do. 😀

  5. I couldn’t look my children in the face if I played a DD and got torped by a battleship. I absolutely hated the Aoba in CBT and on Live. I free XP’d on Live to get the Myoko.

  6. New York-mandy 😉

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