Supporter Spotlight // “Fragility”

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Sometimes the squashy machines can do great things, in both and , but naturally one needs to work all the harder for it…


World of Warships is a warship battle game – you can sigh up through:

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  1. The Rhm already fired and missed at 7:43

  2. Are the First and Last times supposed to be for “smoke puffs”?

  3. man jedi, your tank identification skills are getting worse than jingles!
    IS6 mistaken for IS5, 4:34 ISU 152 mistaken for SU 152, etc :P

  4. That O-Ho shell was guided by the ghost of Mr. Miyagi. “Paint the

  5. are the supporter spotlights for people that donate to your pattern?

  6. Awwe…. Jedi. You did a Jingles 34:44! “There’s his Kraken!” Err… Top
    Gun? You missed the New Mexico kill earlier I guess. ;)

  7. PHJ you need a new intro for WoT/WoWs combo videos. How about starting with
    the BTSV tooling down the road and getting derped, and then cutting to a
    Graf Spee or Yamato that has just fired?

  8. Just wanna point out that redman had 436 HP, the AMX 50 100 only has 300
    alpha damage. Since the absolute high roll for the 50 100 is 375, redman
    could’ve always taken the shot and survived and would’ve always died in 2
    shots regardless of how low the 50 100 rolled. so the situation at the end
    was much less RNG dependant and much more of a calculated risk ;)

  9. Yeap Jedi, you’ve showcased me once before in my Tirpitz. And I forgive you
    for the tank/ship ID derps. It happens

  10. boats suck.

  11. Yay, my silly O Ho shot!

  12. That was too passive for the borsig replay. The AMX had to hit him twice
    while the AMX is a one shot.

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