Supporter Spotlight // Gascogne / “I Lubricate Pith Heels”

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What’s like the battleship Richelieu, but isn’t? That’d be a one of these things.


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. Merry Christmas,Jedi!!!!

  2. Merry Christmas mate! Coal in the sack for mouse scrollers though!

    • No, if the fuse arms and the shell is travelling the length of the ship then they can still explode in the ship There isn’t a mechanism which eliminates penetrations although the damage is capped at 10% (I think) of full damage for DDs

    • @Andrew Cox right so either way it’s still an over pen in terms of damage regardless of the game registers a full pen or not.

    • @Snarky Wombat yes

  3. I noticed the destroyer took 2 full pens from battleship guns. How did this happen, I thought it was only the harugumo and khaba were the only ones that happens to?

    • French shells are slowish plus he was at a bit of an angle. More annoying were the overpens on the BBs when I was aiming for the upper belts

    • @Andrew Cox yes but dont bb main battery shells overpen dds regardless of angle?

    • @Snarky Wombat it must have been a steeply angled hit to arm the fuse but that is then also consistent with the shell not exiting the other side before detonating

    • @Andrew Cox when did the mechanism change back from dds take over pens only from BBS?

    • @Snarky Wombat I’m not sure it ever did – as far as the DD player is concerned he only ever gets overpens. If there was a change I either missed it or have forgotten it

  4. Merry Christmas everyone!!!

  5. Merry Christmas to you and family


  7. Hope you have a Merry Christmas PHJ
    Thank you for all the fun videos, and clever commentary as well
    I always get excited when I see you’ve uploaded something on YT
    Tell Sam Merry Xmas for me too…

  8. Merry Xmas 🎄cheers

  9. Merry Christmas Jedi <3

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