Supporter Spotlight // HMS Hood / “Fifteen inches of disappointment”

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  1. Yay more WoWS!!

  2. That’s what she said…

  3. Yay – WoW back 🙂

  4. Hood is, at best, a disappointment for me 😕

  5. Wait a second D: SCRUB does still exist outside WoT?

  6. Jedi, the 15″ guns on RN BB’s are much more complicated than it appears at first:
    The Monarch has different 15″, those are /45, but they fire ballistically less advantageous ammunition (4crh).
    Funnily, the 15″/42 on Warspite, Queen Elizabeth and Vanguard fire more modern ammunition (6crh), while on Hood, they fire older ammo (4crh) for historical reasons. Also, on Vanguard, they are supercharged, meaning higher MV and damage.
    Also on QE and Monarch and I think Hood, they are short fuzed, while on Warspite and Vanguard they have standard fuzing.
    They are not the same from shio to ship which just makes them feel inconsistent if you try to jumo from ship to ship 😀

    • Hood also gets improved ricochet angles on her AP shells.

      According to the WG Wiki, there’s 3 different versions of the British 15-inch gun in the game. QE, Warspite and Vanguard use the Mk I, Hood the Mk II and Monarch the Mk III. This is actually historical: Hood had an improved turret design; and for Monarch presumably a new gun would have been developed. Vanguard, on the other hand, was constructed using left-over 15-inch Mk I turrets from the Courageous class (although they were extensively upgraded).

    • @LudensP I mean that description is both correct AND incorrect:
      QE, Warspite, Hood and Vanguard all use the 15″ Mk I (15″/42), and Monarch uses what would have become the 15″ Mk II (15″/45), but indeed, QE, Warspite and Vanguard use some variatiin of the Mk I turret, Hood uses the Mk II. It is ubclear to me if the triple turret for the 15″ Mk II was to be designated the Mk III, but it’s an uncertainty I can live with.

      Also, yeah. Forgot about the improved ricochet angles

  7. I too am 15 inches of disappointment.

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