Supporter Spotlight // Kansas / “Cattus Interruptus II: Electric Floofaloo”

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  1. Instaliked because of Sam.

  2. Are you sure the Furious was his 3rd kill? 😛

  3. I never had a problem with Monarch, actually found it quite comfortable to play (and yes, many people have said I’m a strange person, for reasons besides the Monarch). But THIS thing…. this beast has been sorely trying my patience. I can forgive many faults on a ship if it has a good set of guns – and sadly, that’s exactly what the Kansas doesn’t have. It might have a gun range that wouldn’t be out of place on a Yamato, but bloody good luck hitting anything at those ranges. Best to forget the Artillery Plotting Room for increased gun range, and take the module for faster turret traverse, as at least that will be useful at closer ranges where you can actually hit something. Thankfully, I already had more than enough xp on the Colorado to research it, and as soon as I’m able to restore my two 19 pointers to 21 points after the skill rework, I should have more than enough fxp left to just move on to the Minnesota if the grind becomes too annoying.
    For me, the Kansas ranks up there with the original version of the Emerald, and the Closed Beta version of the Furutaka, for sheer level of annoyance.

    • I liked the Monarch as well and even the Taco in CB, this ship is just an exercise in patience and frustration of Enerald proportions. At least Emerald gets smoke and can run away!

  4. Jedi saying nice things? And here I thought we were sponsoring witty, satirical insults….what just me? huh…

  5. I think the “Gift” token on the first reward screen might be an explanation as to why he was playing this ship?

    • I am actually grinding through the Kansas (although I must admit I’m not sure why). I think it’s just bloody mindedness that I refuse to free XP a ship 😂

  6. If I recall correctly this was before the last sigma buff and these guns are just sooooooo inconsistent and a pain to aim at range. They did behave towards the end though 😁

  7. I was glad to get rid of the Kansas. The Minnesota is better to play because of the way better accuracy. Your heavy brought side actually does something on that ship and you also finally have the pen to punch through Russian BB belts.

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