Supporter Spotlight // Kitakazi / “The sparkling twinkly lights of your impending doom”

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Just to be clear, I think the fuzzy Akizuki is great. The other one, not so much.


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. Alejandra Encinas

    Take some time if u need it

  2. Dishwasher beeping, Sam meowing ; background noises are part of the reason we keep coming back to your videos, PHJ! 😉

  3. Well played Andy, thanks for keeping up the good work, Jedi.

  4. Take good care PHJ.

  5. Obviously Caption Guy has now taken over the dishwasher & is looking for a comeback 😉

  6. Well played indeed, Andy!

  7. Very sorry to here about your dad Jedi.

  8. Wishing your dad and you the very best mate.

  9. Derian le Breton

    Sorry to hear about your dad, Jedi. Wishing you and him the very best.

  10. Good game Andy!

    And my sympathies for you and your family. Take whatever time you need to look after yourself – we will be here for you when you return….

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