Supporter Spotlight // Massachusetts B – Convoy / “Never bring a tank to a ship-fight”

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The latest patch has brought with it something kinda new – several operations in the past have featured escorting transport ships, but this is the first time it’s been introduced in a PvP context. It does come with its’ own issues though, and sadly there’s not a submarine in sight…


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  1. Holy PQ17 Batman!

  2. Luckily for them, they weren’t the Knights who say Massachusetts.

  3. I haven’t played the Convoy mode either, for much the same reason you give. I want to grind out the Dockyard first. TBH, I am not expecting much from it anyway – WG couldn’t even make an Axis-vs-Allies mode work.

  4. I think part of the issue for the defending team is you start, usually, right with the convoy, I think if you started 2 or 5 ks ahead, that would make the difference.

  5. No Submarines in convoy mode?
    hang on,
    There that’s better

  6. Sherman tank secondary guns lol 🤣

  7. If that Bismarck at the end there had just rammed him…

  8. mynameiswritinwater

    The whole scenario would be much better if people would not regard it as a damage-farm mode and realize oh, “We need to kill th liberties , too^^” (therein lies the best chance for the defending team )

  9. Only played one game in this mode myself. Took a secondary spec’d Tirpitz and ended up on the defending team. Got in front of the convoy along with a Cleveland and between his radar and my secondaries the enemy DDs never got close enough to be a threat. We lost two of the transports but sank the entire attacking team. It was fun, but not enough to make me want to do it again.

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