Supporter Spotlight // ORP Błyskawica / “Dance of the Little Skirmisher”

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  1. Depression is a misery indeed. My sympathies. As a side note, The Blyskawica was a French built destroyer, and as such, with the exception of her guns (Bofors), she should have French equipment. French Torps, French smokes (oh… wait… er, would Galoise count?), and a French designed hull which should have the same saturation mods as French DDs. She should also have the same guns as equivalent tier Swedish DDs.

  2. Can you Do Iowa Next time?

  3. As above, depression is a misery. Take care of yourself first, Jedi!

    About Blyskawica and powercreep: it’s been a while since I played her regularly, but as I remember it, she always was somewhat awkward to play. She had very good firepower (and, unusually for a non-Russian destroyer, useable firepower at longe range) and above-average speed, but otherwise she was mediocre at best. Still, I liked her very much – she could do both short- and long-range gunboating well, without feeling overpowered.

  4. Thanks Jedi, would love to see that WOT video too 🙂

  5. I remember when invisi-fire was this destroyers thing.

  6. Yay, return of the rambling! 🙂

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