Supporter Spotlight // “Paddlings, paddlings as far as the eye can see”

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World is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. Oh.. It’s Warships… I was looking for different content… I mean.. It did say “paddlings”… Well ok, Warships it is then. Hope you’re doing well.

  2. nice content keep it up dude

  3. you drifted into politics again.
    a subject you demonstrate to know little to nothing about.
    sorry, but can you stick to Warships?
    it’s something you do know about.

    peace (from the UK)

    • I like it when he talks about politics. It’s most interesting than when the tories do it.

    • Derek Jinks omg really…talk about arrogance. You might disagree with him, hell, I might, but don’t denigrate someone for their opinion.

    • Must admit I always like the argument “You know nothing about” when what they actually mean is “I have a different opinion to you”. This was in general rather than aimed at you just unfortunate people no longer talk things through but have entrenched positions (on both right and left).

    • That is a very high horse you ride there, little man 😮

  4. Yeees, I was totally aware the Fuso was there and he wasn’t looking. Totally. Allskillnoluck. Suuuure.

  5. Dunkerque paddling Graf Spee, a Deutschland-class Panzerschiff is technically what she was specifically designed to do 😉 Honestly hoping they add Strassbourg at some point. She’s more suited to functioning as an actual battleship thanks to substantially thicker armor compared to Dunkerque. Dunkerque herself has honestly more in common with ‘large cruisers’/battlecruisers like Alaska, Kronshtadt etc. in terms of tonnage, firepower and intended purpose.

  6. Njugu Notsowildmonkey

    Stick to ships. Your politics is somewhat naive

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