Supporter Spotlight // USS Kidd / “Double the CV, double the fun”

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  1. sheep costumes?! when did you move to Wales, then? ><

  2. I loved that I had ‘fans’ on the enemy team cheering me on. 😀

  3. Nice work!

  4. how is your “baaaaaaaa” mimicing?

  5. Sheep costume? Damn, man, when did you move to Wales?

  6. well played (again) Armorama. Thanks Jedi.

  7. Well played, Armorama.

    6:56 In one game, many years ago, I got a kill on a DD that I never actually hit (no hit ribbons or secondary ribbons). A near miss had somehow set off a detonation.

    To make it even more ridiculous: my guns weren’t pointing his way. It was a secondary gun that did it. Unfortunately, I lost the screenshot of the post-battle screen confirming that I never hit the DD, so I cannot prove it.

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