Supporter Spotlight // USS Somers / “And the torpin’ is easy…”

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USS Somers / "And the torpin' is easy..."">


is a multiplayer warship battle game R; you can sign up through:


  1. Once it leaves the tubes, Mr. Torpedo is NO-ONES friend….. 😉

  2. Happy Christmas Jedi.

  3. Hey Jedi: well you know, a team torp here and a team torp there, pretty soon you’re talking real morons? Happy Christmas to you and Sam.

  4. Merry Christmas Jedi!

    Also, I’m pretty sure players who are *this* bad at TX are no real mental giants IRL…

  5. probably snuck on daddies wows account. one bubu can happen but two.

  6. That Gearing must have done that on purpose…

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