Supporter Week // “Love-child”

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Here, have some brain bleach. You’re probably going to need it.


is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:

Want to see me playing live?


  1. Jedi/Jingles love child? Shouldn’t that bring about the end of the known universe or something?

  2. MisterBassBoost

    Fantastic video! Keep it up!

  3. Jingly Mightles

    i was BEST in Wotws then i took torpedo in a knee

  4. Uzzgub Facebeater

    I love your vids PHJ . And the fact you show of your supporters replays is awesome. Also MORE Warships vids please ?

  5. Fog Battleship NCarolina

    Oh so he thinks he the best now eh?

  6. Mathieu Gallant

    Let’s hope it’s a test-tube baby and not… conceived naturally. *Sideshow Bob Shudder*

  7. Lmao i love it. 1st part of the video. Pokemon reference.

  8. PHJ i need recommendations on commander skills for my Tirpitz.

  9. The spotter plane is a good counter to Cruisers in smoke. Maybe that’s the reason for both of these players are using it?

  10. Tugboat1964 here – thank you Jedi for the show. You remembered correctly about my internet – I am now relegated to a satellite connection, so everything do is getting bounced off a space ship! Seems to work ok but there is about 350-650ms ping and the occasional lag spike. Not great but workable. I have been trying to improve my read of the game flow and make better decisions on when to push in based on your advice. I remember from this game that I was actively keeping that in my mind – when to stop being a passive defender and start pushing

    I hope everyone has a great day!

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