Surviving The Blitzkrieg! (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X) 4k

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  1. Will they add Italy as a country in world of warship legends

  2. Spartan would you like it if wargaming added the north Carolina as a tier 7 premium?

  3. Very good german bb advice poi. You should definitely play derpitz in the next vid those guys didnt even commit to the charge.

  4. Hey buddy thank u for playing the Alabama ! Go Big A !


    • Red Phoenix80 use William sims dispersion build and the New York is a pretty tanky ship just angle your side armor at a steep 10-15 degrees and when your target has already fired his guns then you can swing the back guns around and shoot him but then quickly swing back before he reloads again (you can apply this tactic on all the US battleships expect the Iowa and tweak it based on I game preference and play style)

    • Magister R'yleth

      Well 100k is an achievement in a III-IV or IV-V battle. But you need a few things if it’s going to happen.

      Not too many destroyers.
      Lots of BB’s, preferably other New Yorks.
      Bad BB’s on your team, but not too bad.
      A dispersion/precision build, the New York’s guns can be stunningly accurate with a high level William Sims and Andrew Cunningham inspiring.

      Unfortunately, the New York is a very soft BB. It’s got a pretty nice, long belt, but it’s poorly shaped. The bow is thin and can be overmatched by 14″ guns, and the athwartships armor is terrible, a deadly combination that leads to it eating citadels through the bow regularly if you aren’t careful. The New York is also easy to citadel, unfortunately. The forward powder magazine is fairly hard to hit, but the engine room is almost right behind it, and is above the waterline. There’s a gap, followed by the rear magazine, centered under the #4 turret, and it is much higher than the forward one to accommodate the propulsion and steering systems.

      If you give broadside, you get paddled. But you need to give a full broadside to give a full broadside of gunfire. I only use all 5 turrets against targets that aren’t looking at me, or a target I think I’ll definitely kill. In 1v1’s, I just use 4, which have okay-ish firing angles.

      However, the New York’s greatest skill is kiting. The firing angles to the rear are just fantastic, it’s very good at duping people into following it and battering it down with it’s powerful broadside. Which is the most powerful at tier IV, having 10 of the New Mexico’s 14 inch rifles.

      Overall, it’s got great guns, mounted on a terrible platform, with a slim hand of cheap tricks to play with, but if played right, you’ll crush face. But it’s very easy to play wrong, and when you play wrong you eat citadels, so great training for the Iowa in that respect.

  6. My buddy Jake, who’s usually drunk, is always that guy in the Sharnhorst. We’ll division up and have a plan on shoving it down the other yes throat. I’ll see that the odds are overwhelming against us and slow down or start backing up. He’ll them rush in and start complaining that he’s all alone.

  7. You know what’s fun is that the secondaries of the Bismarck is worse in doing dmg then the amagi Jean Bart and even the monarch it only got the range but doesn’t do dmg at all

  8. Reminding spartan to play dunkurque next stream Part 3

  9. wassup! always looking forward to new videos and tips that help, thanks!

  10. Been a while since i saw a Fletcher in a game.

  11. German BBs be like MAXIMUM FLANK ACHIVED
    Spartan be like NOT ON MY WATCH 😂😂

  12. Azur lane SN sovetskaya rossiya

    Omg the Alabama haven’t seen u play that in ages

  13. I got wrecked in this game 🤦‍♂️ couldn’t hit a thing in my Bismarck 😆.
    Though the murder of the Chapayev was a beautiful thing

  14. I fired at someone in a smoke and wrecked him

  15. Lelouch vi Britannia

    Damn amazing teamwork soooo far i havent finished vid so idk

  16. Won’t lie to u if I was the scarnhorst I would’ve clapped solo charging solo is my thing who cares if I die if I take 4 people down with me

  17. Hey Spartan what happened to the community replays?

  18. Holy german bb batman, lol… on a side note, bet you hate it when the daily missions for the week are for starting fires huh?

  19. 2:30 HeGON!

  20. Geisterfahrerüberholer

    Hello there,

    German BB player here.
    I dont like this console version of the game, its just not complete compared to the PC-version.
    Nonetheless, I like watching your cheerfull comentary here so I tend to put up your videos on one monitor while working or playing on the other monitor 😀
    Keep doing! 🙂

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