Svyatozar – Sunray in the Darkness || World of Warships

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  1. The teams I’ve had in this mission have made it really interesting so far, lol.

  2. If you ram both bosses in the battleship you are basically guaranteed 1 million damage

  3. I was wondering if I should send mine in lol, did 914k

  4. Alexandr Abramovsky

    Megaheal. Wtf? Someone explain, please.

  5. wow, i did over 1,1 mio in that halloween kagero.. nothing special

  6. Dieses event ist einfach mega cool

  7. I did 1.02 million, all about the Ram.

  8. How can u play this mision?

    I still dont have ships for this event

  9. its all about dots on the bosses . no points in shoting HE into 1 spot .

  10. skeletaur skull night
  11. I feel like he should have used ap more often. I’ve had results in this ship where I do 400k damage with ap alone, it’s brutal against close range targets

  12. where can i find the skills for these ships?

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