Tachibana Lima Solo Warrior || World of Warships

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  1. James Henderson

    First thing I do as a DD at the start of a match is to fire my guns into nowhere to increase the chance of being spotted.

  2. Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

    So… is it only Asia server that lacks of low tier Random Battles? It is already very rare to see T2-3 Battles and T3 is almost always matched with T4.

  3. Example why RPF is very useful commander skill for DDs. It was instrumental to 3 of his 4 kills.

    • what is RPF in german?

    • Funk Peil Gerät / = Radio Position Finder, RPF. The little white arc that moves around the middle of the screen shows the approximate direction of the nearest enemy ship. When you are a DD going for an early-game cap, it is very useful to know where the enemy DDs (assuming DDs are in front of cruisers and BBS) are coming from. You might even want to send some torps in that direction. Or, like in this Tachibana game, when you are last-man-standing it gives you the ability to stay out of sight when you want to run away, or – like in this case – torpedoe them.

    • rpf is for noobs

    • RPF is very useful on DD’s – especially when hunting other ones.

    • im a dd player, i have played a lot, so i know how a dd player attack

  4. Bin selber gerade am Tachibana L grinden.

  5. 1ctrlaltdelete1

    A really fun to play ship. I am using it with my Mogami captain who has IFHE.

  6. World of destroyers

  7. only played 1 game in TL so far, fun little boat netting over 1500 base xp. Kind of feels guilty putting the 19* Yamamoto on it, but that’s my Shima/Fujin/Kamikaze R/Shinonome captain so didn’t have much choice there. If it wasn’t for the number of other people in their newly acquired TLs, it really would have been sealclubbing of the highest degree.

  8. Is this only going to be available on the EU server??

  9. Koalanetze Koalanetze

    RPF on a tier II? this is another fun chapter on “cruelty to underaged ships”!

  10. andreas pedersen

    Out sealclubbing 🙂

  11. Didnt have enough time to finish thr missions. Can someone kindly answer if the regular Tachimana (which i already have) is the same as the TL?

  12. what a brawler gg #freetommy

  13. This boat is a killer with a high point Yamamoto in command…

  14. Its a Baby Isokaze. With Good Guns and Meh Todpedoes.

    Also the Ship horn is nice

  15. –nice to see some lower-tier stuff!

  16. Everest Destination

    Click bait title ?

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