Taketeam CARRY – Yamamoto and Halsey || World of Warships

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  1. I want MORE special Captains… We need 1 or even more for every Nation 😀

    • I just had a loss in a Hargumo with Yamamoto captain. 8 (Eight) kills, 270k damage, 7 awards including deradnaught in a DD lol I love the special captains

    • We need one more special Japanese captain, since all other nations already have 2. I don’t even need Yamamoto’s first blood&kraken, just give me better expert marksman and Ammo switcher for my Zao!

  2. Now am waiting for these two on Yamato and Montana collar with these legends admiral

  3. Is he has a really big screen to zoom such out….?

  4. All that zooming in and out made me dizzy.

  5. Big time, team carry!! That’s how you utilize the Worcester, that was epic…..?

  6. ı hate that screen

  7. Tagteam… Not taketeam…

  8. Worcester is a real challenge, by far the hardest t10 to play.
    he has a real potential, but the problem is usually what u can’t control.
    Like the survivability of your team mates or even just their ability to understand your role in Worcester and what they are supposed to do to maximise your own effect and help them.
    With sniping BBs or teammates behind rocks, u re doomed or nearly useless compared to that potential.
    Specially when u see how Worcester is the first juicy target to shoot at…
    And considering then mino or desmoines are good tankers in comparison lol.

    That’s what I dislike with this ship, u are a support CL, if the team fails to know what they are doing, u can’t count in Worcester to change anything.

    GG, ofc.
    But the kind of game u can hope 1 time occasionaly with a Worcester… I really prefer the stress, dangers and gameplay of a tricky Shima ie, such more options when things turn bad !
    With Worcester, if the team doesn’t know how to coop with u, it’s a very disappointing ship.

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