Talkin’ Ship – Get Set With Settings

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  1. I would like an option for ship name next to the players name in chat.

    E.g. Bob (Yamato): My heal is on cool down.

  2. I want to see the dunkerqurke added to the options menu

  3. ability to change font size and color of marker/she’ll flight time on

  4. Explain the new auto supply feature in detail in what it does and does not
    do (full examples.)

  5. Michael Page (Gothicmace)

    I love WOWS and thanks for all your videos…this one was very helpful. if
    I may…coukd you do a graphics setting for those of us who may be running
    a lower end computer??? I am playing on a 7 year old dell Studio 17 I have
    4 ram and a 256 video card. I run the Low setting and turn off foliage and
    clouds and reflection and have water at lowest setting …but just
    wondering if there are any tweaks I could still use that may give me a
    better visual with out affecting fps. thanks again.

  6. is there a way to see the Ship type when in the map (M key)? when i’m
    playing a carrier, all i see is the players name.

  7. can you make the water part of the mini map transparent? I like having it
    at its maximum size with the + key but 90% of the map is blue. just make it
    see through

  8. Nicholas Provenzo

    Thanks for the pointers, Quemapueblos :)

  9. I don’t have the option to have the anime voices, why?

  10. also a way to ask individual teammates for help or to tell them to retreat
    and so on.

  11. Please add mini map transparency. It would help when I’m trying to avoid

  12. how about the voice, you push the V key. Have not heard any one else on.

  13. There’s been what I think is a bug and would love a solution to this

    I can’t use the control function to designate targets. Tried uninstalling
    and reinstalling the game. I use no mods. Even after patch updates it still
    does not work.

    Wondering if anyone else has encountered this?

  14. Finandi Amartyadeva

    I want training know, like the mod..

  15. PLEASE add the ability to change the font size… I’m frying my eyes trying
    to read all the tiny print needed to play this game.

  16. can you guys at wargaming sell those hats on amazon and can’t wait for
    german bb’s to come out

  17. Tank? lol Shore battery? Nice video though with good information. P.S. I am
    to old to play but it’s setup very well. Please don’t kid it up to much….

  18. Did they make a mistake with the new ARP missions? (EU server) because now
    I get hiei and commander again, or is this on purpose if people missed her?
    Now Nachi is still not in game :(

  19. We really need a check mark to enable replays. Even if they’re just a janky
    system now, it’d be nice to have a simpler way of enabling them than
    editing your preferences file. I know that replays are envisioned to get an
    entire rework compared to WoT’s system, but it’s probably a long way out,
    so might as well have this in the mean time.

    Also, you didn’t press the team lists or smoke circles. Smoke circles is
    new, which is why I expected it to be mentioned.

  20. Dude! Slow down. You talk like you’ve just taken a hit of speed.

  21. Thers a sample rule in graphic settings,
    if your GPU is named GTX 1080 you just set everything to the max!

  22. Really need training room for ship testing, or make co-op no risk & no
    reward. I have always run pure vanilla.

  23. with the new smoke circles there is a few maps that the circes do not show
    up well is there some way to change that fading in to the water because of
    a dawn or dusk effect its rough sometimes

  24. plz increase the profability of high tier ships reduce their repair cost
    and shell from tier 7 and up so every ship make profit out
    I the match.

  25. Subscribe to my channel or else you’re gay.

  26. thanks man! awesome game, big fan of the videos and info you post as well.

  27. hi there, i already put this sugestion on your facebook page, how about you
    add portuguese language to all the interface on the EU server, because on
    the american one there is, for me it doesnt make difference but i know that
    there are many brazilian and portuguese players across all europe, please
    try to do it, contrats for the adicting game and keep up the good work. TY

  28. Will we see the Hybrid Battleship Ise as a premium? I feel like we will one
    day and KEEP IT IN THE AIRCRAFT CARRIER VERSION it will give it a very
    interesting style of play

  29. Please add video!!!!!!!!

  30. Yeah, figured out what the Battle voiceover setting do myself, But what
    about the Voiceover language setting right above it? That doesn’t seem to
    change anything to me.

  31. Ok, just a thought here, could there be an ability to help someone on your
    team with a fire. Example, someone on your team has a fire and the
    consumable hasnt reloaded, so you pull alongside and help extinguish the
    fire, or maybe help repair ? im sure some sort of drawback may happen like,
    you cant fire your guns or torps while doing this, or it has to be
    something you buy or a skill. just a thought, thanks and keep up the great

  32. replays! I don’t want to have to rely on independent recording software and
    I absolutely don’t want to have to into the game files and screw with your
    files… I don’t care how easy it is.

  33. Thank you. I havent been into controls since Dynamic crosshairs came out.

  34. I want your hat.

  35. please for the love of god implement temp alt view disabler (with alt key)
    if its on in settings. u guys understand ehat im talkin about dont u?

  36. 4K UI still not support
    Crappy AA
    Slow response UI in port, CV gameplay
    Default fps cap at 76 (can edit the limit but why you limit it?)

    Please WG!

  37. I would love an option “enable communicating team mates”
    yesterday I had this match…
    me: let’s go for A and B
    one guy in my team: sure.
    2/3 of my team: goes to C, causes the group of us that did communicate to
    die due to being heavily outnumbered and we lose the match…

  38. I fuckin love these Wargaming guys.

  39. Thank you for the informational video kind sir! I did not know those things

  40. One suggestion…. Pls make this game on mobile. Even if the core of the
    game is like wot blitz with 7 players on each team, I wouldn’t care. There
    isn’t a good multiplayer game for naval warfare on mobile.

  41. You know, when I figured out about the Arpeggio of Blue Steel voices thing,
    I got really pissed at myself for not getting the Arpeggio Haruna >_< She was my favorite from the show......but at least I Kongou and Myouko

  42. New movie Ships made by Disney

  43. .i know something

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