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  1. I learned nothing from this video. Nice video just already knew all these

  2. Thanks for the tips Quemapueblos. This was great info for me.

  3. Question, does Wargaming have any plans of adding the Lucky E, USS
    Enterprise to the game?

    Yorktown-Class designation CV-6/CV(N)-6, probably as a tier 6, 7 or 8
    premium. She is perhaps the most decorated and revered warship of World War
    2. 20 Battle Stars.

  4. Yeah, in my fubuki, was in smoke, not moving, aa off and behind an island.
    I stayed detected and took fire from a smoked dd 4km away, that i could not
    see. Fix the game.

  5. Fuck War Thunder Ships!

  6. truthbringsfreedom

    I was hoping this discussed a fix for the key bindings bug. It got worse
    with 5.9, now, instead of 2, I need to bind 4 keys every time I restart the
    game. Any chance this WG acknowledged bug will actually be worked on?

  7. Akolotu Moeloa (TonganJedi)

    WG, please allow players to turn the aa/seccondaries off during the match
    start countdown, just like we can set our rudders, change our torpedo
    widths, choose our shell type, and set our cruising speeds.

  8. Dirty hippie, take a fucking shower…..

  9. I would like to have my secondary’s and anti-air individually controlled,
    rather than both at the same time. Say secondary’s use P, anti-air use
    another key maybe O. Battleships need their anti-air on most all the time,
    when in battle I turn off my secondary’s to avoid hitting teammates, this
    makes me open to bombers and torps. It is not fair to give penalties for
    secondary fire on friendlies when battleships cannot protect themselves
    properly in-game.

  10. I’ve been in over a thousand matches and only NOW do I know about the X
    Key. I knew there was a trajectory thing going on with the target lock, but
    didn’t know how to change targets.

  11. Good info, thanks, looking forward to the next one.

  12. thanks Bud…I learned a thing or two and you reminded me of something I

  13. Hi Chewbacca

  14. when to run, when to attack.

    wonder how many people use big mini map.

  15. Nice shirt, I have one almost like it. You been to Thailand? If so then
    you know what 555 mean.

  16. will you cut your hair

  17. Good tip for BB players, if your fighting a squirmy cruiser (AKA he doesnt
    sit still), dont just full broadside. instead (if you have enough guns 4
    turrets is usually best for this) Place a shot in any possible way he can
    avoid it. You might miss a bit, but it increases the chance he drives into
    a lead shot since he cant evade all of them, one will hit if RNG rolls
    nicely, usually for a cit since they dont expect shots to land where they
    are going to be at. Also just because you have more turrets to the front of
    a ship doesnt mean you cant hold your fire to re angle between their
    reloads and fire back with your full firepower, its very useful in ships
    that have a 50/50 split in the turrets.

  18. how exactly do you get alot of XP in order to advance and able to purchase

  19. The only keys I didn’t know about were the Alt+x and x keys, but they were
    still very much a big help! Thank you very much good sir!

  20. Christopher Robbins

    Thanks for another informative video. I’ve noticed that a lot of players
    don’t keep up with you or else they would be better team mates. I like
    these videos that show how to do some great things in-game with your ship
    that that the tutorial videos don’t really show. My main question would be
    is it possible to make a short tutorial playable in game for each type of
    ship so that new players could practice the great advice you give?

  21. I’m not new to this game, but i’m glad to see this sort of stuff for

  22. how did you get the damage total in the top right and ribbons on top of the
    minimap that shows what the shots did?

  23. Lots of great info. I am looking forward to more of these.

  24. Protip from a destroyer player: Rebind the P key to the F key so you don’t
    have to move you hand across the key board to toggle you AA on an off. Save
    a bunch of time.

  25. Helllloo

  26. very nice for beginners really o think that will help much people

  27. Great info for the beginner! I do wish they would NOT screw up a ship after
    you spent a lot of time developing. Great example is the Cleveland, which
    has no torps to begin with and now has been dumbed way down, especially the
    turret speed. (yet the Atlanta sprays almost a solid stream of ordinance)
    One other annoying thing is the invisible DDs. I understand the concept of
    the paints, but a DD that remains invisable throughout a map while it
    hammers you to death is a major turnoff. I have been playing this game less
    as a result. Shame because it’s otherwise fun

  28. Hi? Any news for fixing CV gameplay mode/balanced? any proposed plan?

  29. great vid like always thanks for the tips

  30. increase the credit profit of high tier ships especially BB cuz im a BB
    player NO 1 ok but due to high price on repairs and ammo resupply causes a
    great loss in credits plz increase profits of all ships and high tier BB

  31. nice tipps thank you for this

  32. Helllloo

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