Talkin’ Ship – Navigation Room!

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Hang out with as he explores the on in this episode of Talkin’ Ship.

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  1. Please tell me you’re doing the conning tower/battle bridge next

  2. Is the Texas saved yet?

  3. I live close to the Texas and play World of Warships quite often. I never tire of visiting the Texas. But, she is in pretty sad shape as of late and as a result, many parts of the ship that were once open when I visited as a kid, are now closed. Please donate and help preserve this unique piece of American history.

  4. The funny thing about the Bridge.
    While the Americans wanted enclosed bridges to protect them from the elements the British went the complete opposite.
    They wanted open bridges on top of the superstructure to keep track of airplanes.
    Must suck to be a British bridge officer who had to endure the arctic convoys lol.

  5. This series has been the BEST! Love that Wargaming is giving so much love to BB35.

  6. I’d love to see more of this ship. Could listen to Mike all day long.

  7. guess i dont understand why you havent monetized this series and then donated the money to the save the USS Texas fund

    • BuckShot These don’t get enough views to make any real money. Besides I guarantee that YouTube finds these videos to not be advertiser friendly.

  8. How soon will this game come out

  9. I’d love to come visit one day, problem is affording a trans-Atlantic flight + stay in the U.S. Kinda sad that we don’t really have anywhere near as many preserved museum ships in Europe.

  10. Here is the Link to help the USS Texas

  11. In this case the windows are round because they can be made water tight that way where a square window cannot. Those bolts you see on the bulkhead around the windows are there to dog down the flat hatch that they must have taken down from each one of those port holes.

  12. WG needs to change the portholes on Texas’ bridge.

  13. Cool Stuff Thank You!


  15. still waiting on that Naval Legends video for HMCS Haida

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