Targeted By CV – World of Warships

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This CV player REALLY wanted me dead, and to make matters worse I didn’t have much HP to play around with so whole match was 1 step away from an early grave.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Man, this game has gotten to the point where I switch to Warthunder in order to have a less frustrating time lol XD

  2. Dutch cruisers have strong middle range AA aura (like Halland, Smaland and Ragnar). AA build D7P chews up planes like there is no tomorrow 🙂

  3. Until you realize WarGaming has been accused by the government of Cyprus of being a money laundering front.

  4. Its sad to see a game you loved and enjoyed being torn apart.

  5. Every match filled with golden leeuw, this seam like back to tier 1 again 🙂

  6. Im sad that I wont be able to play the Alvaro, my country’s (other than US) ship at Tier X… But I’ve uninstalled and will never be returning to this game until new managment takes over… whcih will never happen.

    RIP World of Warships. 2015 – 2022.

  7. I don’t know why sometime i suddenly have this petty thought and just focus on one ship only until he die

    I stop caring about the match, stop caring about the team and just make someone life miserable in that match

    Probably because all of those time i got focus by CV in my DD, especially in French or Europe DD, CV absolutely ruin your day

    • Bro into kids fr

    • Small mercies you aren’t in Asia. 2 out of three games are dual cvs, including t10s.

      Yolo into the nearest cap and move on to the next game. Maybe the cvs in the old game will be still pounding files, so there is more chance you won’t see dual cvs.

    • @John Smith im in Asia lolz

      2 CV 2 Sub every 2 match

    • @John Smith yeah if a CV focus on me, i yolo to the nearest enemy Top tier BB and suicide torps

      Or i go on a vendetta and try to flank to the outskirts where no one there (hopefully) and sneak straight to the CV to f*ck them up, at that point i don’t care about winning, i wanted blood

  8. @Zeitgeist X that and many other things

  9. Yesterday I played a full AA Anapolis (99 in AA) and it’s ridiculous that the * United States can still survive a lot of planes and drop shit on me… he “only” lost 18 planes, while other CVs would have lost at least 40
    Currently I only play ships, that got at least 90 in AA wit at least 8 Flakbursts, 400+ dps and 2000+ Flakdamage (all buffed). It is so annoying to get constantly harassed by a CV. At least here I can do something. Against Subs… you can’t do shit if you can’t see him (and the marker on the surface is just a joke)

  10. trenlass’s reaction to shattering volleys on the cv’s deck speaks for the entire community’s dissapointment whenever they face this gigabroken class

  11. What the flying Duck!!!

    This happens to me a lot….that CVs only target 1 ship and it happens to be me. It makes me want to stop playing this game faster…for good. They should bann CV players for this.

  12. I love the Alvaro so much. playing the islands you can win so many engagements.

  13. Griefed by cv or sub is so much fun. It takes all of your attention and strategy is out the window. My fave is CV concealment is better than a BB. 12k away and I can’t see em .

  14. Flambino being outplayed -95% hp in few seconds, that’s not seen all days

  15. I’m watching, but I haven’t hone back in over two years .. 2.0 killed it for me, but the bulkheads were creadking before then.

  16. The real reason CV’s relegated battleships to the scrap yard because they simply could not damage cv’s with their puny guns – historic fact!!

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