Tashkent Destroyer | World of Warships Legends PS4 Xbox1

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Gameplay review of the Soviet Russian Destroyer Tashkent in World of Warships Legends (WoWs Legends) available on PS4 and XBox 1.


  1. Nicholas Ullenberg

    What do you think are the best premiums for farming credits: Graf Spee, Scharnhorst, Dunkerque, or Nelson?

  2. Thanks for another great video. Looking forward to watching it. Could you do a paper-thin cruiser guide? Having trouble making credits in Schors

    • In general tier 6 and 7 tech tree ships aren’t the best to be making credits, but really to increase the credit output you just need to try and stay alive for most of the match while being in position to do damage and other actions which help your team win and your score go up

  3. Thanks for this look at Tashkent. Got a ways to go before I unlock her, but grinding away. These Russian DDs are tough to play, but using them with these limitations is improving my performance with destroyers from other nations. Well-played match!

    • Totally agree! I thought the same with american dds it took a while to figure out how to play them but that struggle makes you think more tactically which is good!

    • Personally I love the destroyer line for the soviets and I found to consider them like kamikaze ships for the fact that the best way to win a fight mainly versus destroyer or battleships is get within knife range(roughly 3-2km) and torpedo them since tier 6 and below the torpedos will almost one shot most battleships

  4. Nice, havent Played my T5 Russian DD since a long time, might do it for this one 😉 So far I got all the Russian BB which i am looking into now. Nice vid BTW

  5. It’s similar in that they’re both mainly gunboats, but the Tashkent does have much more useful torps

  6. Me: *Sees Tbull switching from HE to AP on a destroyer for a change.*

    Also Im gonna rewatch the ap damage numbers because I swear to God, you hit an Ap shell for 1503

    • It can do even more

    • so far i personally underestimated the power of DD’s AP shells in general. i’m impressed how much damage you can do. let’s say Gaede vs. a tier V cruiser or even more surprising for me e.g. T-61 vs. a broadside DD! wow! kinda similar how i play the german cruisers switching ammo back and forth….

    • @Michael horus2 yeah I saw a hit for 1873

  7. A light at the end of the tunnel! But…what a looooonnng tunnel!

  8. It’s the games where you don’t have those support ships actually supporting you that make it tough. GG.

  9. Thing is they arent like other dd at all tbh they are gun boats, or light cruisers without citadels an less guns.

  10. Excellent review, and the details playing the Russian destroyers! You give a heads up what you’ll be facing!
    When are you going to review Prince Eugen?

  11. I love and own every destroyer in the game.. Except for the Russians.. this video completely changed my mind.. I’m all in!!!

  12. Tbull love your videos! They have changed the way I play and i’ve done nothing but improved as a player! Keep the info coming!

  13. This isnt tAshkent, correct pronunciation is tashkEnt)

  14. I grinded out the Minsk before the release so when it went active I was able to get and it is a very deadly ship played right and with at least some support you can ruin most peoples game. the speed and the new 8k torps are nice so you can get behind the enemy lines and torp the shit out of those only reverse Iowa and Jean Barts. I have not met a DD yet that can go 1 on 1 with this ship. Just have to be extra careful of the radar cruisers

  15. The Soviet destroyer line sux!! I gave up at tier 5 and went back to grinding through the last of the tier 6 cruisers i have to unlock. I enjoyed the US line with limited stealth torp options early on but just struggle to earn xp in the Soviets by relying on the guns

  16. Even with close range i am pretty sure that the tashkent can beat the Fletcher due to higher alpha and HP

  17. Great Review!!!

  18. Damm your review of this ship tbull lol, your right this ship is ok I have 6k concealment & 8k torps I couldn’t be bothered grinding the minsk so 270k global got me to the first upgrade the monarch will have to wait a little longer.

  19. Encourages me to continue the grind. I can love with the detect abilities on these ships, but the turret traverse is hard on my style of play

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