TEAM need a CARRY ? – 8 KILLS – Khabarovsk || World of Warships

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Player: General_Rommel2 Ship: Khabarovsk

, I cap c, althoug the opponents have 3 radar ships. I can made four kills in the first 5 minutes. Then I conquer the second cap, but in the next 5 minutes, we lose a lot of ships and it is a 6 vs 4. Then we lose all caps and it is a 3 vs.4. The last five minutes, the opponent have all caps and 900 points, but only one shimakaze. I hunt the shima with 8000hp, but I won the with and the round was a victory.

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  1. who plays that sporadic, I also hate scrollers. there’s a shift button for a reason..

  2. amazing how many times I’ve watched Pansypanties ignore torps – gg

  3. Completely balans Soviet cruiser without citadels.

  4. A kinda OP ship…or i am only me??
    Ins’t nerfed yet???

  5. clearly this ship is broken every time in in a game with this ship is always top on the scoreboards

  6. I thought this was the t10 Russian cruiser for a good duration of the video from the way the gun Play was

  7. stalin sekrit dokument

  8. good game. their BBs also did a good job, tanking

  9. Hey WG, Khaba is still way too OP.

  10. Joe average game. Lol edited version. Lucky you saved all your hit points. Or that torp at the end could have cost you. What is your favorite ship type panzer.

  11. The most tragic part of this saga, beginning at 9:00, is the exterminating of the entire golden languar monkey population of that little island. When an 8″ shell takes off the top of your tree, there ain’t even time to scream.

  12. Good game. Good use of terrain. Kabah been focused only 3 times max…
    Shima should had used guns sooner and not turn to try to torp when 1v1.
    Next time people will focus Kabha…. maybe.

  13. And then all those snowflakes say the Khaba is OP! (can’t wait to get past my Trashkent…)

  14. I love watching Khaba do work with those Benson-esque torps.  I’m not sure I like Khaba more than Hindy, but the play style is way more active and engaged.  It’s always hilarious when the enemy team doesn’t bother to target you…

  15. The end is good learning material for how to aim at a wiggeling target, because he missed so much 🙂 Never shoot according to angle, but take into account the slide of the ship. In that situtaion the option for following the selcted target should be switched off. Then you can see the slide.

  16. game of camp :/

  17. are you sure he’s not using an aimtool? the camra is shaking a little strange before he starts firing…

  18. people love their op ships and say it isn’t broken ya I get it.

  19. Enemy ca line fucking sniping not suppoting bb line only at first mogami do his job
    And other ca just fucking sniping as like asianserver

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