Team, what Team, No Team, Best Team – World of Warships

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When 2 bad teams collide it all comes down to which team was worse.

I think I know which team was worse in this match xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. If you have no team you are playing only 1v12 instead of 1v23

  2. The pain! THE PAIN!!!

  3. What sort of shenanigans were going on in stream chat? Holy gamoley, the salt was real.

  4. The only thing moving up the West flank (of any real consequence, no offense to the brave Riga and “unlucky” Jinan) was Flambass in the MO. Strictly speaking, he was outnumbered. So why was the Yodo in A4? Seriously, what the actual f&ck?

  5. Error 404: Team not found

  6. Stephen Leggett

    Clearly your fault, not doing enough. I mean, not a single kill😜. Oh boy, but you must wonder what more you can do at times, one of the reasons i gave up on the game.

  7. Nikita Ostrovsky

    Holy shit, that Amalfi has a quaken


    May i ask how long is Flambass’s name suspension. I don’t know whether he can changed the name or still under suspension

  9. it is so funny and sad to see how the rng changes from game to game…flip of a switch and you overpen or shatter on broadside cruisers

  10. I have been trying to improve my Stats lately too and yesterday had game after game after game like this. I was playing lower tiers and was Seal clubbing pretty well but just could not get any wins!! Yesterday got me so worked up I could puke lol.

  11. How dare WOW’s deny the great Flambino his double crackin 😂

  12. Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch

    0:02 “I literally NEVER pick my nose” Flambass 2023.

  13. I think you need to “Relock” your target, basically double target, you’ll get better hits.
    There are soooo many bugs in this game.

  14. The only reason I think you got those RNG results is because what you are not seeing where the ship is positioned when the rounds are shot. I suspect the the ship render is off because of software of bad server hardware not handling the speed of WoWS.

    • match maker already decided the rng would be bad for that side before game even started i have noticed pattern that land slide losses you have poor rng and opposite when you have landslide win. Something serious wrong has been for months but way WG works on games they have plans booked up for the next 12-18 months they don’t look at balance or that

  15. A3 does sound better. Next time I’m in my Musashi, I’ll remember Flambass’s suggestion. 🤣

  16. USS Massachusetts on enemy team. I was on board that ship recently.

  17. Jpoker13 Racing

    I had a bunch of games like this yesterday must be the holiday on NA server

  18. Fancy a Bev Mate?

    Hahaha after well over a year I have been surprisingly enjoying asymmetric battles, after I gqve up on pvp and sadly entered randoms by mistake….HOW ON GODS EARTH DO YOU STILL KEEP PLAYING RANDOM battles 😂 the camping has gotten worse! WG could easily fix this bullsh*t by either doing away with all non competitive pvp and just do co op or introduce the fog of war like in the Halloween events. Cheers

  19. Which better ship missouri or jeanbart?

  20. 5:32: that calm when Riga burst and that frozen face at that… priceless 😂

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