Teamwork is broken, and battleships are dumb | World of warships

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  1. Performance anxiety 😉 Gets better when you stream more.

  2. Fletcher Class solos IJN battleships. . . where have I heard this story before?

    • Virgin IJN battleship captain vs chad USN destroyer captain

    • When you run out of main gun ammo and resort to smacking their deck with 40mm AA guns.

    • If you’re referring to history it was Japanese Cruisers that Johnson and Roberts torped off Samar. Johnson was a Fletcher-class destroyer and Roberts was a Butler-class destroyer escort. Both ships were cut to ribbons and sunk for heroic efforts that helped turn back the vastly superior Japanese Center Force that included Yamato who, by herself, had similar tonnage to the entire American fleet stationed there.

    • @177SCmaro I was yes but not specifically to the Johnston but the USS Heermann. The Heerman’s torps were fire against the Yamato in that battle and forced the Yamato to turn away from the battle for about a quarter of the battle if i recall.

  3. The Fletcher is still a personal favourite despite the power creep. Also maybe I’ll have to keep an eye out for when you stream

  4. All of the stream luck was concentrated in that dev strike on that carrier

  5. you should play the Warspite

  6. As a carrier main and a fan of the kear, I feel very wounded by the dismissal. I always tried to help my dd’s ;_;

    • One of the 4 cv mains on the server that do then.

    • @RagingCanadian Makes me sad then. My main cv, though did take a break from it, is Midway. i early on recognized that dd’s are really what is needed to win fights. My ideal set up is to attack a dd that is engaged in knife fighting one of my own DD, or presage the fight by engaging myself and letting my DD get the upper hand. Usually (not always…because a lot of dd players are bad at the job), this works out and then I can buzz off to do cv things, be that support, scout, or another enemy dd. I know a lot of cv players dont help the team, although i would also say that same issue is inherent to all classes. Damage…is damage. Earlier, played a kear just today infact. A DD threatened me, a thunderer, rupert, and a cruiser. I just spotted it for like..2 minutes or so, and my teammates just rushed the enemy dd and took it out. Team work happens for all stages. But cv always shines best when it helps. Although I am less willing these days if certain (halland) DD’s are in a zone.

  7. Sometimes when I’m focussed by a cv or sub, I just give up trying and await the inevitable so
    I can start a new match.

    Worst case I’m absorbing fire for the team while spotting.

    • Same. It sucks so hard when that happens. If I can’t spot until the CV or Sub kills me, I will also try to get whatever damage I can get before I bow out, going into the next battle.

  8. Love the vid but who pronouncesJutland jewtland

  9. That was a nice torpedotrick you used against the Shiki, learned something from this vid after all 🙂

  10. New players, to be sure. I remember when WoT came out I bought the Lowe and thought, “Well, now I have an unbeatable tank that can take on five” Yeah, right, lol.

  11. Is there a stream recording? Twich?

    • I do have vods of my streams and there are a few pretty good moments. I’ll probably make a highlights video at some point.

    • @RagingCanadian Found it yesterday on Twich. Problem was that I fell asleep in 10 minutes. It has nothing to do with you. It was over 2am… But if you are 10% as entertaining on stream as you are in videos I must see it.

  12. Yeah I play DDs a lot and am frustrated by BBs who do two things, they command that I take the caps immediately while they sit back in their giant hitpoint battleships. When I refuse to immediately rush and die they get mad. OFC I call when I know what I’m against but I can do so much more when I survive.
    Alternately I cap then 5 mins later the enemy takes it off is because the BBs run and hide!

    • A very large number of BB drivers (even some with 50%+ WR) don’t realize how much their position matters for the DDs. For that matter, I don’t think most DD drivers realize how much it impacts them.

  13. Looks like my usual experience with teamwork and tactics….. 🤢

  14. WTF is with the interrupts in this video? Or is it my connection WTF

  15. 3:00 indeed, kita is fked
    cuz look at the minimap… 0 supports LMAO
    10/10 accurate all server gameplay

    • Well that island is a trap, very unbalance on that cap. The northern side got two islands with good cover to sail around while the southern side only got that one because the other island on the west is a flat you can spot me anytime… 😅

  16. Teamwork is broken. I cant hold a flank in my bb if my cruiser support runs out infront of 16in guns and dies along with evreything else on the flank as the carrier just uses up all his squadrons in the first 10 minutes

  17. Haha how to play the frezland, do you like uzis? Because it’s an Atlanta with faster guns and no torpedoes

  18. i mean if battleships were competitive maybe theyd atleast try

  19. The times I’ve played randoms, a lot of BB players were being dumber than bots.

  20. Forget about teamwork unless you play in squad. Rely only on yourself

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