Teamwork & Support – World of Warships

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What is this title? How are those 2 words and WoWS in the same sentence?

I know…just watch and enjoy it I guess.

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  1. if wargaming says they won’t do something then you cat be sure they will di it and are already working on implementing iy.

  2. I hit a wall in ranked. Last day of session I was at a 3 star level hoping to rank out in silver. It was just a night of bad play, bad players. Couldn’t get any traction. On top of it had a half dozen straight games where the matchmaking put all the radar (2 on their side, none on ours) and better ships on the opposing team. Think I ended at 5 star level and just couldn’t take it anymore. The last game was an enjoyable finish. Was going against a solo hydro DD in his cap. Both of us were near full health. After initially popping smoke I said the hell with it and charged him before he could make use of his hydro, and went for a gun fight in a Benson at point Blake range. Came away with the kill, and about 175hp. After such a miserable night, I just needed to vent my anger at the matchmaking, just went ultra aggressive. It’s just frustrating when you are trying to play a precision game and either the other team has all the advantages, or you’re stuck on a noob team.

  3. sneaky snek side torpedoes

  4. This is one of the games where I think: “Well, maybe WoWs is worth starting again? This team work and supporting each other seems nice”… But thankfully I also saw videos about plane squadrons flying over two heavy cruisers and a battleship, then starting an attack while losing only a single plane or Trenlass Dutch cruisers’ bullshit which reduces the risk of reinstalling the game significantly. But thanks for also showing these game where the teamwork is kinda nice 🙂

    • WOWPlanes was SUCH a success, right? Unbelievable they thought it would do anything other than RUIN WOWS.

    • It happens here and there, most of the time, IT DOSENT LOL But if u play 2 or 3 matches just for the fun of it, its a good game. I dont pay for Premium time, or buy ships with real money. WG has been generous enough to give me some doubloons for free so I can get some shit. Its bad when it becomes your obsession, then u are lost.

    • It’s still fun – I think people expect too much from a game to be honest.

      I played WoT for 12 years, I enjoyed it and playing WoW. For sure some frustrating moments but that’s just life lol

  5. never be another gun as big as yamoto’s

  6. Nah I’m sure we can believe Wargaming. As long as you believe the exact opposite of what they say

  7. “never guns bigger than Yamato’s”

  8. That Tirpitz at the end, I was thinking “he’d have to be a moron to keep going and risk torps from the side. 30 seconds later, I was thinking “yep, he’s a moron”…

    • The match was lost at this moment anyways though. Three caps against the lonely bb, and 2 dds who could easily take any cap back.

  9. (commenting before watching) surely this title is sarcasm, right

  10. Can we talk about the class of that Le Terrible for seeing you in the match, and not tuning in to the stream until after he was dead? That’s classy. Not bitter, and not a stream sniper. GGs to them!!!

  11. WG: “we’ll never introduce subs” lol

  12. Amazing 🎉

  13. That Tirpitz though.. “What is even a rudder hurrdurr”

  14. When i bought World of Tanks, when it launched from Closed Beta, i bought the big pack, got a reward tank M6A2E1 and they told us, no no no we won’t ever sell the tank.

    10 years later, they did it, even though it’s outdated and doesn’t serve a purpose on the battlefield other than memories, they broke that promise.. so yeah!

  15. if you believe wargaming just prepare to be dissapointed is about as mild as it can be put lol

  16. Well executed teamwork Flam!

  17. I remember when you were a CC and went to a seminar(?) in Russia about the release of grinding back through the tiers. What a bunch of BS that was and you saying so when you got home……..things will NEVER change in WG! thank you for posting!

  18. I don’t know if Flambass would, or even could because he’d catch so much Flak from Wargaming for doing it..
    But somebody should come up with screenshots/videos of each promise broken by wargaming and include it into a youtube video and the final question be “So do you believe them now?” lol

    Pretty sure they’d go after whoever did it but it’d be great to share around, Wargaming is such a scummy company they should be forced to change.

  19. Can someone tell me how to do the quick spotting view that was shown on 06:57 and 07:08?

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