Test Ship Changes ST 0.10.4 – World of Warships Devblog #159

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Today we’re looking at the World of Warships development blog, where ships currently in testing have had some changes made to them, for the ST of 0.10.4. The ships affected will be Elbing, Napoli, Druid, Tone, Borodino, Weimar, Yukon and De Ruyter.

Join the community discord – https://discord.gg/6ZKtbGtRNg

World of Warships is a naval based fighting free to play mmorpg where you can unlock various ships. You can choose from cruisers, carriers, destroyer, battleships and soon to be submarines. The game features many different battle types: co-op for the more relaxed players; random for 12 vs 12 battles; scenario missions to play through various missions; clan battles and brawls if you like fighting alongside friends as well as the numerous events that take place throughout the year, such as King of the Sea tournament and ranked & ranked sprint battles.

If you want to play then head over to this site: https://warships.net/Whole_Of_England


  1. Nice video on development blog.

  2. DarkTimePatriot

    ur audio needs to be turned up. ty

  3. 👍 I definitely like topic point No.6
    😁 I can’t agree any more with it

  4. CynicallyObnoxious

    Get off my midnight shift and I have a nice little Brit video waiting on me once again man you do a great job

  5. Hey, Micro Machines guy. Slow your speach down to a normal pace. Don’t fear the run time.

  6. And we all know how difficult light cruises are to kill. It’s good we have more ships designed to help take them out!

    It’s even better if it means the team functionally loses a destroyer (scout, anti-DD, cap control, etc) to field that new ship designed to hunt those tough light cruisers!

    • @ANUBHAV SHARMA – yea. I was pointing out that cruisers, especially light cruisers don’t really need help to get killed.

      Having a DD slot taken up by a ship that can’t perform any of the roles that a team needs a DD to do may be situationally entertaining for the DE CL…er, I mean DD player, but it is terrible for the team.

      I’m thinking of the goob that brought a Tashkent to ranked and my whole team laughed at his attempts to play light cruiser while being completely unable to spot or contest caps.

      At least the new German light cruisers have usable torpedo range.

      Even so, stealing a DD slot when the other team has actual DD (and it isn’t a 2 CV, ewww, match) really hurts the team.

    • @Tx240 Would have been pretty fun to have these ships as ambushers. For that they, need atleast some form of hydro, Repair party, guns with a bit more pin, better HE at 2k per shell, 10-12% fire chance, and big mod breaking ability. Also having torps that are fast. Maybe give em the same alpha torps, with 9.5km range, but very very fast. Also workable stealth which Elbing has but shit like Z-31 don’t. That would make them good and useful to a team.

    • @WholeOfEngland but you give up gun range. SO idk at this point. ANd you are probably gonna smoke fire. So I am very unsure of the build currently. Let’s see what works

    • @ANUBHAV SHARMA – I agree they need SOMETHING to make up for the lack of dps and waste of a DD slot.

      Even if the Elbing has some stealth, players who actually level line (or play tier 8 or 9 to avoid t10 “issues”) will still have to deal with the z-31 and the even worse (by reports) GJ Mearker.

      German ships?

    • @Tx240 GJM is decent, Felix is good
      Z-31 is pretty much a merchant ship, with some guns, and the torps being the heavy cargo it carries fitted with engines

  7. I’ll tell you what elbing needs
    It needs a heal and a speed boost.
    And better HE
    Like 2000 damage, 10%-12% fire chance, and heavy chance of breaking mods.
    Her AP dpm looks good
    And her alpha is very good it seems, combined with that accuracy.
    So yeah. That would fix Elbing and for that matter, Z31 through Felix. They can then be a support gunship by helping DDs fight for caps.
    Would make these DDs sort of ambush style DDs. They are the so called gunboat line. So give em good tools against DDs and then the good AP and average detection to hunt down CLs and CAs

  8. Nice little joke in there.

  9. Saw you passed the 500 sub mark, congrats!

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