Testing AL Baltimore Commander on Alaska! (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X) 4k

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  1. That happened to me today but I still finished 2nd place

  2. I’m 4 stages sway from unlocking the Alaska I’m exited

  3. I got Fusou from the advent calender yesterday. My first AL commander.

  4. Spartan,we call The boarding is called *border humping*

  5. I legit call the Jean Bart the Jean Bart of Soap

  6. I wish Odin could help the GK

  7. Im mad that i managed to miss today’s and yesterday’s videos

  8. RIP me ngl. Sad that we got pulled into a legendary battle and that i was up against an Akizuki of all ships but it was a good battle nonetheless.

  9. Spartan do a meet the discord video or something, we need new people in there

  10. It just doesn’t make enough of a difference on Alaska but on Balti it is Amazing

  11. Notice how your teammates don’t shoot at the ships your fighting until they are low health? I get that all the time and it pisses me off!!!…

  12. I’d put my lack of being able to start fires against yours any day of the week.

  13. Hey Spartan, do you think the AL Baltimore commander would be affective in lower tier heavy cruiser ships or heavy cruisers without the super heavy AP… like the New Orleans or Wichita?

  14. Yeah I feel your pain. I’m working on GK and I only have one ship for my research with no patrons so my added research points is +6. They should allow us to use ships we own.

  15. Alaska rocks! Though still is a cruiser. Same as Azuma, Azuma seems even more fragile??

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