TEXAS 179K DMG 6 KILLS || World of Warships

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Player: Lasey99
Ship: texas
Map: Ring

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  1. Mehmet Onur Erçetin

    4 devastating strikes 😀

  2. nice CV kill, shame about the tactical mistake towards the New York :3

  3. Couldnt watch it because of the mousewheel ins and outs.

  4. Omg I hate this voice!

  5. “XD HiHi” You wont be that joyful when you get citadeled by Colorado or Nagato

  6. The Ferret Dynasty

    The Bismarck sunk today

  7. How to switch to this voice?

  8. About to watch this video. My expectations are that there are going to be a lot of moronic captains in control of the other team because that is the only thing that can explain getting almost 180k out of a Texas.

  9. Nice game shame when I take out my Texas I face t7 9 times out of 10?

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