Thank You World of Warships Community

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This was a milestone I never thought I would reach given my lifestyle. You guys totally rock and I don’t want to do anything to let you down.

I’m going to start highlighting players in the . Send me a replay with the match details, kills, damage and some info about yourself and I’ll narrate it while I talk about the mysteries of life.

Take care all, and thanks again!



  1. Joeseph Hunnicutt

    Congrats on the 10,000 Subscribers!

    I’ve been here since 5,000

  2. Congrats buddy, from one OU grad to a OSU grad.

  3. I see a Sub … yeah A submarine 😀
    GG for 10k

  4. I love your videos and thank you for your service in our armed forces . Take care Ky

  5. Well done Zoup! Keep up the good work!!

  6. You really deserve those 10K subs dude!

  7. Grats on the 10k man! You deserved them!

  8. TheGuardianofAzarath

    Congrats on your 10k subs. Sadly, i have no replays to send in, haven’t set them to be recorded, as most of my games are embarrassingly bad, lol,

  9. JiaWinMinecraft

    The game in the description is Warplanes? XD

  10. Anthony Plassaras

    What job do you do in the army? I was a 27D, paralegal NCO when i was active duty and a 12N, horizontal construction engineer in the reserves.

  11. manuelthegreatman

    congratulations on your sub milestone. also thank you for your service to our country. greatly appreciative about that.

  12. Congrats on 10k subs!
    Now prepare depth charges.

  13. Congratz. (Insert interservice joke here.) Semper Fi 🙂

  14. WoWs… 10k EVEN – congrats

  15. Congratulations Zoup and keep up the great work.

  16. Congrats on 10k Subs, Zoup. Don’t ever change, we like you for what you are, your unique style.

  17. thank you for the videos.

  18. congrats on 10K subs

  19. Grats Zoup!!! Well deserved for all the hard work you do! o7

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