That Rate of Fire – Kitakaze – World of Warships

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Uploaded to by WraithCAS (NA) featuring the Tier IX Kitakaze having an incredible battle. Yamamoto makes this ship so deadly!


*System Specs:*
Intel I7-8700K Overclocked to 5.0GHz
512Gb NVMe Dedicated to Games
512Gb SSD Dedicated to OS
512Gb SSD Dedicated to Video Capture & Recording
Gigabyte GTX 1080

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  1. 50Sfumature DiNiente

    Kita and haru overcancered cockeror D:

  2. Another reason for BBs to stay at over 20 km and snipe :))))))

    • There reallt is nothing else you can do. Better put the German bb in dry dock because there not going anywere for awhile.

  3. people botch way too uch in wow. I was in a clan on my eu account and he would butch about he Pam when he was in his bb. but he loved his conqueror……and it’s not yamoto…it’s pronounced yummy

    • I had the same thing with clan member. He hates it when a dd is sitting in smoke but brags about how much damage he did sitting in smoke with dd.
      I know we all complan about stuff but it does make me laugh. And pointing out the hypocracy just leaves you alone in life. So now I just shake my head.
      And officaly about he spam aside from these new dd its not easy trying to burn somthing down these days. It takes for ever to do it and my French crusier have to have a long to game to really work.

    • Jerry Glaze I don’t even look at chat anymore…but, if someone gripes at me I say thank you and that I love them….then start going in circles while I sit and smile

    • +riskybiscuts lol I have to remember that. My clan use to say “flys on food” when the game went bad. The meaning is somewere in the world you could be sitinv and having to swish fly away.
      I try to remember that but it does not always work.

  4. what a g8 looking ship

  5. deepwater torps don´t hit dd´s

  6. Sir, you want RPF.. getting snuck up on is a bad thing..though, under boost with a flag 40+ knots, and strongly recommend you pop coal for the engine boost extender nodule for slot 2. Being able to run under boost 50% longer will save your butt! Also it might be worth while to go with the 8k torps as in a knife fight they’re gonna be difficult to dodge. Might serve you better as aggressivly as you play

  7. sounds like a battery of quad Bofer’s openning up a case of whop ass…!

  8. thats the most beautiful sound Ive ever heard

  9. Thats just insanity

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