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If only I could have more games like these, and less 1 sided roll overs where even if you win you lose.

Too many games end way too fast where you can’t even have fun, nor a good result on a win…sad. Luckily this was not one of those.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Alexander Petzold

    Thanks for the game ^^

  2. Kurosaki990Ichigo

    Thank you for providing entertainment playing wargaming products so we don’t have to.

  3. Is it just me or the volume is too low?

    Edit: in-game volume too low.

  4. All the grind.

  5. Marko Tanasković

    Pump up your angelic voice, it is always low 😀

  6. WG finally made a change for the better. If you want to improve stats for a ship and you potatoed in a round you dont have to wait for the current battle to finish!

    • That is one of the worst changes they could have ever made. It will make potatoes just yolo their ship over and over again so they “grind” it out faster. Game quality is gonna go even further down….if that is even possible at this point

    • What change is that? Never mind, I looked at the change logs. Yeah, it’s going to mean potatoes will suicide intentionally if a game is not going to their liking even more now.

  7. I prefer to play the ship on HE. Like the Conqueror, the AP grenades are far too inconsistent.

    Furthermore, you tend to push the enemies away if they burn permanently. In controlled retreat this ship is hell to fight

  8. the dispersion of this ship looks lile it hasn’t even locked onto the target. also every volley seems to have an overpen and a riccochet with it.

  9. @18:04 somehow clicks #1, done it myself , sunken feeling watching HE fly

  10. You’re human Flambass…things happen

  11. That Khaba would have contributed to the game by heading around to B9 while his team was all clumped up at H4. It would split your team’s focus and he’d almost certainly catch the CV napping. He should have chosen Des Moines if he wants to be an island humping damage farmer.

  12. I like watching your vids because you are good at the damn boat game but also because it reminds me how smart i was uninstalling some years ago…

  13. Why were you sitting on the low health at the end without using your heal?

    • He used it when he started taking damage to get more value out of it. In this case he took 4950 damage before the heal ended and was able to recover an additional 2970 HP

  14. James Stevenson

    Curious why st Vincent isn’t so great for you? My best ships are always the fast and maneuverable ones.

    • I have a lot of decent and great games in it, but as soon as I do well in it, the game gives me few 30-60k dmg and no kill 6 min defeats and in just 1 or 2 of those games ALL the PR gets destroyed. I now have more than 100 games in it and I’m still stuck at around 1550 PR. It doesn’t matter how many good games I play in it, there will always be a way to not get a good result in 1 or 2 games, just enough to undermine everything I worked for. The ship is rigged beyond recognition

  15. that torp curve at 9:22 😀

  16. You know it’s bad if the yugumo starts shooting u

  17. On a bright side,,,,Flamu is done.

  18. Captain Flambass’ Log, HMS St. Vincent:
    Day 486 since I took control of the ‘pride of the royal navy’… What a disaster! Just yesterday I had to discharge two of the gunners because they were cross eyed. Probably all the inbreeding. That is not enough to get back our accuracy though, as the 2nd mate completed the tests I requested of him and gave me some bad news: the rangefinder optics are malformed. The lenses are slightly misaligned, the crosshair wires are slightly twisted and the mirrors are curved slightly wrong… This is on top of the bad news from last week that the turrets do not lay accurately on the bearing indicated by the central gun director… The gear shafts to each turret are slightly different so the turrets fire in slightly different directions. This has led to shots that straddle the target, frustrating my attempts to win. On the rare occasion we do hit, the AP shells I persist in using usually bounce off or shatter or else simply pass all the way through the target before detonating… The rest of the navy has switched to HE long ago, but I think the AP might have some merits, if I seen ever get it to work. Anyhow, on to the suffering again!

  19. You seemed to have switched to HE from pressing your reinforce sector button.

    You went from 3 launching torps, to 2 for AP, then clicked 1 for HE once at the same time you clicked the reinforce sector button. That why only 1 gun shot, because you had the HE highlighted to switch when you shoot.

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