The 1v1 Ranked Sprint No One Asked For | World of Warships

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Oh boi, here I go making short meme videos again, hope you like the change of pace.

New to Warships?


  1. First lmao, I WON!

  2. Come give youre sis a hug
    Boi i wanted you to ram him
    (Edit:can u tell me where u got the azurlane tirpitz a bismarck pictures if u know what i mean)

  3. Wow, a game mode designed to be a complete instant win for CV players, what a good idea, I’m sure you won’t abuse your wallet warrior Enterprise at all :^)

    • Meh GZ will crush all especially with 9.5 km super accurate bismark secondaries. 😀

    • who said i would be using a premium carrier?….lady lex would be fine enough…

    • *laughs in queefland*

    • @XxXThwag DrakeXxX laughs in shokaku

    • @Denarmo I tried Bismarck (I don’t have Tirpiz lol, got t6 cinese shitnium instead) because of the hydro and the buffed dispersion. (No cvs encountered though) First 13 games were wins, but problems came after I got thrown against a Tirpiz (obvious), Hipper/Prinz(same as Tirpiz, cant even pen her 27mm nose with 380mm ap) and a Richelieu (hp, ram build, still less hp than me but kills me every time). Battles are around 5-10 depending on the enemy’s moving around the map.

  4. loading up a carrier in this setup lmao
    you ruthless savage

    • I be doing the same with a full secondary build GZ 19 pt captain *excited CV main noises*

    • I tried Shokaku, but got thrown agains a NC that shredded my planes, I even jumled at him with a secondary build(8-10 secondaries per side), but to no avail.

    • @Serious Darius shokaku shoul dbe used as a normal CV running away from the fight and hitting him with trops ( i recommend CE and CE mod making his AA not kick in until 6.1 KM and using health and speed boost to boom and zoom last gasp would also be a benefit here. im a CV main liner in my clan (seriously i own all but 3 now those are the IJN CV , UK CV and the enterprise ) trust me when i say stealth IJN is lethal as fuck

  5. *Hot and spicy Tirpitz and Kii action*

    (I approve!)

  6. Oh For F**ks Sake….Please tell me they didnt….Nice Video Denarmo

  7. at least they did not die in vain. they died for memes.

  8. no Vlady ?


  9. Is this not a game mode designed for the Graf Zeppelin

  10. Tirpitz sell charts going through the roof. Who would have thought ? /s

  11. WG: *Introduces tier VIII ranked with 1vs1 format

    Enterprise: *”Its free real estate”*

  12. I recently got Enterprise from a supercontainer
    He he boi…

  13. One CV vs. One DD… in one battle..
    Insert meme: “It ‘s fine…”

  14. Mathieu Verschelden

    Getting CV’ed up the stern or dying from secondary memes and danger pylons.

    Since it’s from Denarmo, it’s totally fine.

  15. Once again i don’t understand how WG thought this couldn’t end any way but badly…

  16. I’m a simple man, I see a gacha enterprise, I click.

  17. It’s why you see stat padding enterprise players who only play enterprise lol

  18. Me wanting to play tier 8 random: *forgets to switch to Random*

    My Bismarck: This was not the plan

  19. THEY LET CVS JOIN THIS RANKED SEASON? Oh boi, this is gonna be fun. What were WG devs thinking

  20. This isn`t kicking puppies, this is feeding them into a meatgrinder.

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