The Absolute CRAZIEST SCHLIEFFEN Game You Will EVER WATCH – World of Warships

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I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that this is one of the, if not THE most crazy Schlieffen match I have ever seen and played.

I was having fun, chat was having fun, hopefully you will too.

Unfortunately this ship is not much of anything for everything else #yoloforlife

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Lol! I wasn’t aware of Flambino’s new name. When I saw it I burst out laughing. Well played. 🤣

  2. Flambass & German brawlers never fail to entertain.

  3. This is the type of enjoyment without CVs

  4. No CV, No Subs, No Superships. Just players living in the moment.

  5. that was alot of fun to watch, i love seeing your WoWs videos. makes me want to go down the German BB line now, lol

    • Keep in mind, Schlieffen is a battlecruiser, not a traditional German BB.

    • Keep in mind, there was no subs, no cv, no super ships. This the rare time where the game is actually fun. You will absolutely hate this line unless you get a game like this.

  6. Pepega Ch. / ペペガ

    Holy moly, that was a crazy 7 kills game! So much fun when there were no fucking SS & CV,making this possible

    Congrats on quacken+2, flambass!

  7. Ofc you had a good game – no CV’s, no subs and no “superships”. If only WG could see that the game would be so much better and waaaay more popular without those broken classes. WP Flambino, and congrats on the Kraken +2.

  8. Oh lord… this was awesome game!!! Thank you for sharing. Chuck Norris skills approved! 🙂

  9. That was next level impressive and entertaing! Well done 😉

  10. Imagine credits, XP and Base XP of this game in the future when they rework economics, to reward spotting and secondary damage just as main battery damage…… 4000+ Base XP perhaps?!

  11. I think this may even give the old man a chuckle! Crazy game flambino!

  12. this looks like another one for jingles to feature, well done bud

  13. I am a little sad nobody was cheering him on in chat. I would have been going nuts. Also I am pretty sure he didn’t stop once. Awesome 👌

  14. Killed the Shima with a torp. It’s just so…beautiful.

  15. Just got the Schlieffen and found out that it’s the most fun way to die in a blaze of glory most of the time with those secondaries… but when you live, it absolutely rocks.

  16. One of the best example how to brawl with a Schlieffen.

  17. Loved watching it on the live stream and enjoyed it again here. Super impressive brawling 👍

  18. Flambass this time you really brought the game to different level – congrats! 😉

  19. Must admit that was very enjoyable..I busted out laughing a few times.. awesome 👌

  20. This was the craziest Schlieffen push I’ve ever seen. It was great to see you actually having fun

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